The 14th typhoon 'Chantu' will affect Korea on the 14th and 15th, and it is expected that it will rain heavily.

The Korea Meteorological Administration announced at an online regular briefing today (9th) that Chantu is moving westward at a speed of 22 km per hour in the sea about 760 km east of Manila, Philippines.

The maximum wind speed of the typhoon is 53 m/s, and the intensity is very strong.

Chantu develops into a super strong typhoon with a speed of 55 m/s this afternoon, and is expected to reach the southeastern coast of China on the 13th after passing through the southern tip of Taiwan on the night of the 11th.

The Korea Meteorological Administration explained that the typhoon passes through a high temperature area of ​​30 degrees or more, and the rotational force increases due to the influence of the surrounding barometer, and it develops rapidly with a small scale but strong central density.

It's a similar principle to a figure skater who curls up to increase rotation and then bleeds.

He continued, "The factor that has the greatest influence on the course of a typhoon is subtropical high pressure," he said. and exaggerated.

Chantu's movement path after that is very fluid.

It is expected that the impact on Korea will be decided on the 11th, which is located in the south of Taiwan.

If you go north through Taiwan, it may affect Korea around the next 14 days.

However, the cold air force from the upper layer is strong, so it cannot go up directly to the Korean Peninsula, and it is highly likely that it will move toward the east and pass between Korea and Japan.

In the case of a landing in inland China, it is expected to change into a temperate cyclone and affect Korea after the 15th.

An official from the Korea Meteorological Administration emphasized, "If the cold air located in the northwest of Korea continues to descend and high-temperature steam from a typhoon flows in, a torrential rain will occur at the point where the two airs meet. I did.

(Photo = provided by the Korea Meteorological Administration, Yonhap News)