The bereaved family of a woman who made an extreme choice due to her husband's constant gaslighting complained of injustice through a national petition.

On the 7th, a post titled 'I demand the punishment of the noncommissioned officer who drove my brother to death through gaslighting and domestic violence' was posted on the bulletin board of the Blue House petition on the 7th.

Petitioner A, who claimed to be the deceased's older sister, said, "My younger sister, who was a nurse at a university hospital, and B, a professional soldier, reported their marriage last year and became a couple after dating for a long time."

According to the petitioner, Mr. A, "My mother helped clean the newlyweds' house and while we were having a drink, Mr. B, who was drunk, suddenly got angry and threw a suitcase etc at my mother saying, 'This is my house, so go out with my wife' He used violence."

He continued, "While my mother was responding to Mr. B's assault, Mr. B was injured with his mother's fingernail. He demanded an apology and compensation from my family, demanding 50 million won in cash, and threatened to sue my mother-in-law for assault." .

He added, "After arguing with the son-in-law who wants only monetary compensation and the threat of suing his mother-in-law without thinking about his actions, on July 28, my younger brother left a will and passed away lonely alone."

Person A, the petitioner, said, "During his brother's funeral, Mr. B hid his brother's cell phone, and he was extremely anxious that mourners and bereaved families would talk about him.

Mr. A, who had a strange idea, looked at his brother's cell phone and said, "(B) frequently assaulted the deceased, made him kneel and prayed, and habitually asked for money. said.

“Submit, please.”

"Your family doesn't think of you as a daughter."

"I'm the one who loves you the most in the world, so I'm just going to live with it."

He continued, "My brother had to get permission from Mr. B to buy a tray worth 20,000 won, and unlike Mr. B, who had a good time, the brother spent last winter with the padding worn by Mr. B." What I learned from this is that, while alive, even the smallest daily life such as verbal abuse, assault, pathological obsession, and perversion of Mr. B was controlled, so that his younger brother cried and had a hard time."

"My brother passed away through a painful time, but Mr. B and his family are still playing tricks, avoiding the phone without revealing the belongings left by his brother."

Meanwhile, the petition had more than 26,000 signatures as of the afternoon of the 9th.

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(Photo = Captured from the bulletin board of the Blue House National Petition)