The family of victims of forced labor during the Japanese colonial rule lost in the first trial of a claim for damages against a company.

Judge Park Seong-in, the 25th individual of the Seoul Central District Court, defeated the plaintiff in a lawsuit claiming 200 million won today (8th) stating that the bereaved family of the late Jeong-mo, a victim of forced labor, suffered damage due to illegal activities of Nippon Steel (formerly New Nippon Steel). judged as

Judge Park previously dismissed the plaintiff's claim on the grounds of the expiration of the statute of limitations in a lawsuit for compensation for forced labor filed against Mitsubishi Material on the 11th of last month.

In the midst of mixed judgments of the courts on whether the statute of limitations for claims for damages in the forced labor case should be regarded as the time of remandment of the Supreme Court in 2012 or the final judgment in the re-appeal in 2018 He said he would consider whether to appeal. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)