Last month, in the parking lot of an apartment building in Cheonan, a gas cylinder loaded on a car wash exploded, causing more than 600 cars to burn.

Since then, more and more apartments have been banned from car wash vehicles.

Even though only a few cars have gas cylinders, reports have come in that the rest of the car washers are having a hard time.

We met with reporter Jeong Ban-seok.


On the night of the 11th of last month, the underground parking lot of an apartment building in Cheonan.

A car wash loaded with LP gas cylinders exploded, burning or scorching 666 vehicles.

Since then, the number of apartments that have banned business trip car washing has increased nationwide.

[Employee of an apartment management office in Seoul: Not long ago, a business trip car wash exploded in the basement and there was a fire, and there was a risk of fire, so the business trip car wash was banned at the Dong representative meeting.

Everything is prohibited.]

Business trip car washers complain that their sales have been cut in half.

In response to the request for a refund, Mr. Chae Jung-ho in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, left the employee he was working


Customers are also requesting refunds, and they gave quite a few refunds today.

There were many people who said that they had to fold it because of less work.] He

argues that not all car washes are dangerous.

[Chae Yong-ho / Business trip car washers: Steam washes that use LPG tanks are less than 5% in the industry, so we have to thoroughly manage and supervise them…


Business trip car washing is largely divided into a waterless method that uses detergent solution and a steam method that sprays high-temperature steam.

Even in the steam method, there are only a few methods that use LP gas.

[Lee Yong-jae/Professor of Fire Safety Management Department, Kyungmin University: LPG is heavier than air, so if it leaks into a closed vehicle, etc., there is a possibility that it may pool and lead to a fire…


Relatively, the risk of washing a car using batteries or using kerosene or such oil is incomparably low.] We

need to be alert to fire, but we are concerned about the side effect of going bankrupt in the car wash industry for small business trips.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun, Video editing: So Ji-hye, CG: Jeong Hyeon-jeong)