Today (6th) 1 hour from the daily life that was taken away by Corona has been hard to get back. Restaurants and cafes in the metropolitan area are open until 10:00 pm. The number of meetings is gradually increasing. Let's take a closer look at the 4 steps in the metropolitan area and 3 steps in the non-metropolitan area for a month from today with a reporter.

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun, on the first day after some quarantine measures were lifted, did the atmosphere change a bit?


Yes, I am located in Yongmun-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

It's getting close to 8pm, and as the customers who were already crowded for dinner left after finishing their meal, the restaurant is slowly starting to empty.

In the metropolitan area, which is the 4th level of distancing, you can gather up to 6 people after 6pm.

It is possible to gather up to 4 people who have completed vaccination in addition to the previously allowed 2 people.

The opening hours of restaurants, cafes and stores have also been increased by an additional hour to 10 pm.

Before 6:00 p.m., up to 2 people who have completed inoculation can gather in addition to the previously allowed 4 people.

When our reporters looked around here at lunchtime earlier, we didn't see up to six people gathered together, but the expectations of merchants who endured Stage 4 for a long time are high.

[Kim Chang-jin / Seoul Yongmun Market Restaurant Operation: I think it can be a little better. What I really want now is to do business with peace of mind like in the past.]


Is there a difference between metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas? Let me explain a little bit more about what has changed from today.

<Reporter> In

most non-metropolitan areas, you can remember 4+4.

Up to 4 people can gather regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated, and up to 4 more people who have completed the inoculation can gather up to 8 people.

Unlike tier 4 areas, this applies equally to all multi-use facilities, including restaurants and cafes, regardless of time.

Weddings can accommodate up to 99 people unless meals are provided in both Tier 3 and Tier 4 areas.

These days, there are many stories of With Corona and coexistence with Corona.

The quarantine authorities said they were discussing ways to recover on a daily basis.

As President Moon Jae-in previously said that he could seek a new quarantine system once the Corona 19 situation calms down, there is an analysis that this discussion will speed up.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, VJ: Shin So-young)