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a high school in Gyeonggi-do, inappropriate remarks made by teachers during class are being investigated. A human rights teacher said that he poured offensive remarks, including talking about nightclubs, to the students, and the students, who couldn't stand it, recorded the content.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon reports exclusively.

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students recorded the contents of teacher A's class in July of last year.

It is said that all the students walk on their cell phones before the start of the first period, but they couldn't stand the continuous rumors of obscenity, so they took their cell phones.

[Student: Almost all the kids in my class are girls, and to be honest, it's very unpleasant. shameful. So, let's record it first... .]

Teacher A spreads obscene rumors, starting with the experience of an entertainment establishment.

[Teacher A: Tell the solicitor, for example, 'Bring me a white shirt.' Then 'Hello, brother.' Let the woman sit here and bring her hand in hand.] The

water level is getting higher and higher,

[Teacher A: ‘I really want to spend the night with a woman today, but I can’t. Send me some XXX.']

He uses slang to demean a drunken woman.

[Teacher A: XXX somen is delicious? The XXX referred to here are children who are not greeted. Put them in (in the room) and then outside, he locks the door now.You should never go to a night out while drunk.]

They even bring up the story of taking drugs,

[Teacher A: Take XX. But you drink it Will it work for humans or not? Did you eat it and it tastes weird? Never eat it.]

Although the idea is to be careful, students report that they felt very uncomfortable and ashamed.

[Student: He was the human rights director, so if you don't want to hear this, come and tell him, but in addition to that, we can't say 'Please don't talk'... .]

Finally, a complaint was received last month, and the Office of Education launched an investigation.

[Goyang Office of Education Staff: Investigate the matter at the school, then open a committee called the Sexual Grievance Deliberation Committee to deliberate, and then come to a conclusion… .]

I contacted the school several times to get an explanation, but Teacher A did not give any explanation.

The school said it was checking the facts on its own.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-chul, video editing: Lee Seung-jin)