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As the authorities began to prepare countermeasures due to the controversy over poor food service at the military base, an army unit again exposed poor food service.


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This is a photo posted on SNS that conveys news related to the army.

There are some raw rice and kkakdugi in a plastic bag, and the informant who released the photo burst into anger, saying, "During the KCTC battle training last month, only rice and kimchi were served, so I ate more than 5 times."

He said, "I decided to report this because of the treatment that did not recognize the hard work of the soldiers even after completing the most difficult training in their military life."

The 5th Division acknowledged the fact that the meals were poorly prepared, saying, "Due to concerns about food poisoning, each unit prepared and replaced additional cups, but some units were not able to distribute food in a timely manner due to poor supply."

In the spring of this, netizens commented, “Kkakdugi on bare rice… If the supply fails, we need to improve it even more.”, “Even if you are preparing for the actual battle, your parents will be very upset… ” was the response.

(Screen source: Facebook delivered on behalf of the Army Training Center)