The successor to

Pro Evolution Soccer

, which

is called


, will be released on September 30 for PC and game consoles, game publisher Konami announced on Thursday.

At the start, people can play with nine football teams.

The game will be released for various Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC and later this fall also on smartphones.

In any case, the game will not be released on the Nintendo Switch for the time being.

Players will get "a taste" of what the football game has to offer at the end of September, according to Konami.

The game is not very extensive at the start.

There are six stadiums and people can play with nine clubs: FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, River Plate and São Paulo FC.

There is no Dutch club playable yet.

People can play offline matches against the computer or against friends.

It is also possible to participate in events online.

Xbox owners can play online not only against owners of the same console but also against PlayStation owners and vice versa.




another free update

later this year


Then the Creative Teams mode will be added, among other things.

This allows players to collect and train their own football players and play against other players online with that team.

The game


is basically free to play.

Money will be asked for certain parts, but Konami's exact plans are not yet clear.