"I'm more of a devil than a devil."

"While I was going to the market for a while, I saw that he was wearing red. He was completely naked."

A maternal grandmother, A, who lost her granddaughter, vomited anger towards Yang (29), who was arrested and charged with horribly abusing, sexually assaulting and killing a 20-month-old girl.

In an interview with CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show' on the 31st, Mr. A revealed in detail the circumstances of the incident he knew, saying, "I can't live because my heart is torn and tears are flowing."

According to Mr. A, after Yang was released from prison, he started living in the house of Mr. A and his daughter, Jeong (25), on January 1 of this year.

“My daughter is a little different from other mothers,” said Mr. A. “My daughter is a little bit different from other mothers, so I can’t speak well.”

However, it is said that each time Mr. A was away from home, he assaulted him. "They said that they threatened my daughter not to cry, and that she wouldn't let me go if she talked to me." He said, "Is that a human being, a devil worse than a devil?"

Also, "One day, I went to the market for a while, and (Mr. Yang) was naked. He was naked, and there was a baby next to him." "I felt hot and asked what he was doing in broad daylight. ' he yelled at me," he said.

At the time, she could not witness it herself, so it passed, but later before reporting to the police, her daughter Jung said, "Mom, something more terrifying happened," and said that she had her daughter and baby take turns having similar sex acts.

According to her daughter Jung, on the day the baby was murdered, Ms. Yang pointed a knife at her and threatened, "If you don't want to die first, stay still, and I'll kill your mother too." Then began to assault. And I made Ms. Jung go to the bathroom.

After a while, Mr. Jung said that the child "Evil!" After hearing the shouting, Mr. Yang said, "It's all over, come out quickly," and then put the child under a blanket and asked to go out for a drink.

Jung said, "I think the mother and baby have even been sexually assaulted," tremblingly said, and the National Institute for Scientific Investigation also confirmed the circumstances of the sexual assault, Mr. A said.

Person A concluded the interview by saying, "My daughter is in a lot of pain and shedding tears. Please investigate thoroughly so that this does not happen again."

Daejeon District Court criminal Part 12 (yuseokcheol Chief Judge) has been hearing the Jung case of suspicion of such bodies concealing the Special Act violations (Yang received the charges of less than 13 years old statutory rape on the Punishment of child abuse, murder and sexual offenses.

Sheep He is accused of beating and beating a 20-month-old girl in his residence while drunk at dawn on June 15.

Afterwards, he and Jung put the body in an icebox and hid it in the bathroom of the house. the body was found on July 09.

According to the prosecution Yang kids were investigating that often raped and forcibly molested before the cruelty murdered.

"I want to have sex," subject to conceal the crime Jung's mother asked the child regards the latter It was also revealed that he sent obscene text messages to the effect.

This means that even after committing a face-to-face crime against an infant, it showed a circumstance that could be interpreted as not being able to control sexual impulses.

Because Some may pay the opinion that it is necessary to make with sex urge medications to Yang (chemical castration) command if the statute of fact to be acknowledged as guilty of

legal officials "sex impulse medications command determines the Constitutional Court Constitutional in 2015 "There are no legal problems with this, but it is a very strict judgment," he said.

The voices pleading for the court's maximum sentence seem to be growing day by day.

As of the 31st of the 31st, the number of people who have consented to the public petition to disclose personal information has exceeded 100,000, and voices of anger are growing.

The prosecution plans to reveal the sentence of Yang at the next hearing (scheduled for October 8).

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