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man was caught by the police while walking around the university district with a weapon in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul.

It has been confirmed that the man has been reported to the police several times before, and residents are complaining of anxiety.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon reports.


Yesterday (29th) dawn, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul.

A man leisurely walks down the street with a weapon in his hand.

After looking around for a while, we head back on the road.

[Neighborhood resident: (usually) I'm just running around, but I don't cover the fire, but I'm holding a real sword...


Right across the street was a university street, and students who were confused when they saw a man with a weapon shared a message on the bulletin board telling them to be careful.

A total of three police reports were also received, including one case of forced harassment and two cases of assault.

I was walking and suddenly pushed me from behind, touched me, etc.

This is where the suspect was standing with a knife.

After that, he continued to wander around the area, and was arrested right next to him around 8 pm yesterday evening.

It has been confirmed that the man in his 30s has been reported to 112 several times in the past for assault and disturbance.

[Local resident: I keep chasing you. getting closer. I was scared, so I picked up the phone and now I'm going to report it to the police... . You ran this way asking for help right away? I'm a little scared from the standpoint of raising a child.]

This man is known to have a mental illness, but it was confirmed that the ward office tried to take administrative hospitalization measures as a number of complaints were received earlier this year, but it was confirmed that the family strongly refused.

[Gu Office Staff: In January of this year, residents reported that the dong intervened. When I was told that I should be admitted to the hospital, I stubbornly refused… .]

Police have applied for an arrest warrant for this man today, as many residents complain of anxiety about the crime.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee, CG: Jongjeong Lee, VJ: Jaemin Roh)