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man who hit a passerby in a drunken state was caught, and it turned out he was an incumbent police officer.

Another police officer has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Reporter Hong Seung-yeon reports exclusively.

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police car rushes into an apartment complex in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do.

Reports of a drunken man beating a citizen were received around 2:30 a.m. on Monday.

A man in his 40s had an argument with a passing citizen, and after an argument, he hit the citizen with his fist.

But it turned out that this man was a current police officer.

The identity was revealed during the police investigation, but it was confirmed as Inspector A belonging to the Gangbuk Police Station in Seoul.

In the end, Inspector A was arrested as a current criminal by the police who came to the scene right here.

Inspector A was confirmed to have been in a state of intoxication even after being handed over to the district court.

[Nearby residents: There is no police car, so here. What happened to this town, I felt it.] It

's not just this.

On the same day, a police officer in his 30s was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on Gangbyeonbuk-ro. In the past two weeks, there have been six misconduct, including drunken assault and drunk driving, at the Seoul National Police Agency alone.

[Police official: There are so many people in the police organization, so there are all kinds of people. Police officers are also drinkers. The investigation has started, but there are no specific details of the investigation yet... .] The

police will exclude Inspector A from their duties and take strict action through inspection.

(Video editing: Lee Hong-myeong, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)