There are places where quarantine measures will be stronger from next week.

First of all, eating and drinking at convenience stores are subject to time restrictions just like restaurants and cafes, and indoor smoking rooms must be at least 2 meters away.

Reporter Han Sang-woo toured the site.


A convenience store near Hongdae, Seoul, past 9 pm.

You can see them sitting on a chair in front of the store, drinking a drink or smoking a cigarette.

Starting from Monday the day after tomorrow (23rd), it will be subject to crackdowns in the 4th level area of ​​distancing.

In tier 3 areas, you can only do it until 10pm.

[Cha Ye-jun / Mapo-gu, Seoul: If there is no place to rest like a convenience store, you will notice that you are sitting, and it will be very uncomfortable.

When it's gone...


Convenience store owners must also take quarantine measures.

Eating restrictions should be clearly communicated to guests, and outdoor chairs and tables should not be used outside of permitted hours.

If caught violating this rule, the employer will be fined 3 million won, and the violators will be fined 100,000 won.

Quarantine standards in indoor smoking rooms will also be strengthened.

You must keep a distance of at least 2 meters, and if the space is limited, use one person at a time.

Violation is also subject to fines, but voices of dissatisfaction are already emerging.

[Smoking room users: You say you shouldn't smoke at all, but honestly, you can't smoke on the street. Make a booth and place it 2 meters above the smoking area? There are a lot of people you can see right now. How do you float 2 meters from here?]

Convenience stores and smoking rooms are excluded from the entry requirements such as QR codes.

Therefore, it is not easy to identify the movement route when a confirmed case occurs.

It is not easy to crack down on it, so we have no choice but to expect voluntary participation.

(Video coverage: Chan-su Lee, Hyun-cheol Yang, video editing: Tae-ho Yoon)