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● Interview with presidential candidates <Chairman Choi Jae-hyeong>



Baek Woon-gyu's recommendation not to prosecute does not mean that the audit is denied. "

I started politics because I thought that the country is in crisis…a regime change is desperately needed"

"My father said 'do your best' about entering politics"

"My grandfather's pro-Japanese controversy, old-fashioned politics that attacked with a pro-Japanese frame"

"Adoption, talked about with tales It's burdensome to become... I just did what was natural"

"It's not the time for the people's power 'family fight'... We need to unite for regime change"

"Like former President Lee Hoi-chang? I will go my own way"


▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Welcome. Thank you for coming. Sit here. Viewers, the music that flows in Joo Young-jin's news briefing studio right now is Bob Dylan, a musician who even won the Nobel Prize for Literature. 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right' Let's have an interview with Choi Jae-hyung, former Auditor General, who said he likes this song very much. Jaehyung Choi, former Auditor General, welcome.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Hello?

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: You said you like this song by Bob Dylan, is there any special reason?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Because of the title, I applied for this song as the background music today.

The content of these lyrics, 'You're right, you don't need to think about it any more' is a song that was played on the radio a lot as a request song when it was time for an exam when I was in school. I filmed it, but don't fix it, it was like this. The lyrics are a little different though. So, I think people want a change of government. In that sense, I chose today's background music because of the title, with the meaning of 'You are right, let's achieve a regime change without changing your thinking'.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. 'When you take a school exam, once you decide, don't change it. That would be the correct answer.' That statement is very impressive. I'm a bit younger in age, but it's because I spent my school days like that. Bob Dylan is a singer that older generations liked more than our generation. When it comes to former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung, many people would think they know, but I don't think they know exactly. Haven't you spent a long time as a lawyer rather than a politician?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes. I served as a judge for over 30 years and served as the Auditor General for about 3 years and 6 months.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Did you get appointed by the Moon Jae-in government when you worked as a judge and then became the Auditor General?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: At that time, I had been a judge my entire life as the Chief Auditor of the Board of Audit and Inspection, is this a position I can go to?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Of course I did. Looking at how I was nominated as the Auditor General, I never really thought and did not expect that I would become the Auditor General, but one day, I was suddenly nominated for a nomination, and I received a call asking for consent. At first, I was very worried. I was worried that a person who had been a judge all my life would be able to do this well, but if you look closely, it is worthwhile to do this because it is an institution that is independent of its duties. Of course, the process of drawing conclusions through a trial is different from the work done in court, but the work process is similar, so I thought that it would be something worth doing for the country, so I accepted the nomination for the chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection. I have come to this place.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: So, while serving as the Auditor General, wouldn't you have dealt with many issues?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: But right now, the public sees thanks for the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1, almost only like this.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: It is not the policy decision itself. The National Assembly's request for an audit to our Board of Audit and Inspection was about whether the economic feasibility of Wolsong Unit 1, which was the most important basis for the early shutdown of Wolsong Unit 1, was properly evaluated.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: So yesterday the news came out, did you see it? At the Prosecutor's Investigation Deliberation Committee, former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Paik Woon-gyu has already been handed over to trial, but it is probably an abuse of power or related to a breached teacher.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: Dismissed teacher.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Regarding the allegations, it was concluded that the prosecution and investigation should be stopped rather than passing it on to trial. But I'm curious as to what former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung would say about that.

▶ Choi Jae-hyung/Former Auditor General: In our audit, there were not enough criminal charges against former Minister Baek Un-gyu. There were several questions about the results of the audit, but we thought that more investigation would be necessary to indict, so we sent this to the prosecution as a reference for the investigation. According to the prosecution's judgment through additional investigations by the prosecution, abuse of power or obstruction of business has already been indicted, and now KHNP has wasted the blood money of the people. Now, considering that KHNP is a breach of trust, it seems that the opinion of the Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office was that the former Minister Baek Un-gyu would be prosecuted as a breach teacher just because he taught such an act. As we understand that as the recommendation of the investigation deliberation committee not to prosecute, the content we are grateful for is not denied because of it.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Since I entered politics, I think I’ve probably been asked a lot of questions. However, he appeared on a video a while ago, but he said, "I resigned with six months left," and entered politics and declared a presidential election challenge. Then, the decisive reason is that the government conducted an audit related to the suspicion of economic manipulation of the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant No. 1, but the audit resistance was too severe, and the ruling party is strongly criticizing that it is conducting a political audit. Could this be the starting point for why you left the Board of Audit and Inspection and entered politics? How is it?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: When I finished the audit of Wolsong Unit 1, I had no intention of going into politics, and I really thought that it was my responsibility to do the audit properly. But after that, of course, it wasn't just the circumstances that happened after that, but after that, as I thought about it, I thought, 'Oh, if this country really goes on like this, it could be in great trouble.' The current flow of the country, the current of politics, and the kind of politics of the government, I thought that it might be necessary to change this a little. Then I decided that it was really necessary to change the government. At the same time, I came to think that I would be a shameful person in front of history if I contributed to the regime change, or if the regime change did not continue with what I was doing. So, I decided to go into politics.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: In any case, as the director of the Audit Office appointed by the Moon Jae-in government, he resigned and decided that a regime change was necessary and declared a presidential challenge. As a human being, I don’t think I could not have thought of President Moon Jae-in.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: The person who appointed me for that part is now President Moon Jae-in. But the Auditor General is not loyal to the appointing authority. Loyalty to the country and its people. Really, for the sake of the country and the people, I have decided to quit my job as the head of the Board of Audit and Inspection and fix this country through politics. So, personally, I don't have any feelings for President Moon Jae-in or not.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: I have never dreamed of going into politics during my life as a judge. How is it?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: That's right. When the Wolsong Unit 1 audit was conducted, there were many attacks on the passport. At that time, there were other people around me who said that, but I said that at that time, politics was not something I could do, and I had never even thought about politics.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: At the National Assembly Judiciary Committee, the Democrats said, "Are you going to do politics?" Didn't you ask a lot of questions like that, back then?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Audit Committee: At that time, there was a member of the National Assembly who shouted at me, “If the president and the state policy do not match, then resign and go into politics.” As a result, that's how it happened.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Now that you have entered politics, you have come to be called a politician. Then, among the seniors, judges and among the seniors, there are probably many people who think of Lee Hoi-chang, the president of the Grand National Party. Former President Hoi-chang Lee entered politics, became a member of the National Assembly, and then ran for the presidential election. Former President Lee Hoi-chang did not eventually become president. Haven't you heard a lot about such stories?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: They say things like that. Former President Hoi-Chang Lee, really, when I was first commissioned as a judge, he was now a Supreme Court judge, so he was the envy of young judges and he was the most respected lawyer.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: There was also the nickname 'the judge on the other side'.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: Sure. However, as he entered politics, he went through various things and eventually failed to run for the presidential election. In my memory, he was probably the victim of political maneuvers on the issue of military service, so it is very unfortunate. However, I am well aware of the path that former President Hoi-chang Lee walked, and I have to go my own way with my own thoughts.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: When it comes to former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung, many articles appeared before reporters even entered politics, and the news about adopting a child. It's called a fairy tale. There was a lot of beautiful news like that, and your father was a hero in the 6.25 War, right?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: Real heroes are those who sacrificed their lives for real heroes.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Those who fought directly on the front line in battle.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Director General of Audit and Inspection: So, those who gave their lives and those who died are really heroes.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: At that time, if you did not win and lost, Busan had no choice but to fall?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: That's right. If Busan was captured, it would have been almost impossible to support the UN forces. Therefore, it seems that it was an armed transport ship carrying special forces that were sent from North Korea to invade South Korea and to occupy Busan and to prevent US or UN forces from participating in the war. I sank it.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Growing up under such a father, wouldn’t the conversation with your father and your words leave a very deep impression on you?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes. He said that we should always love our country, and that the country is the fence of our people, what would we be like without that fence, and he lived a very strong life and lived with integrity. Such a figure is very respectful to me as a young person and has had a huge impact on my life.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: By the way, it is a little late because such a father passed away a while ago, but I will also borrow this place to pray for the well-being of the deceased once again.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Thank you.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I also think about how heartbroken you must have been. However, when it is a holiday when former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung entered the political world and his family gathers, he sings the national anthem up to 4 verses. Regarding this, along with the response of 'Ah, yes', 'It's a little different' and 'Why does that family sing the national anthem all the way up to verse 4?' It seems that there were people who looked at it with such a critical point of view, but do you have any plans to change it now or in the future?

▶ Jaehyeong Choi/Former Auditor General: That's not always the case with us, it's because my father thought that the country was really difficult and that the country was in peril for a few years ago. So when we got together with a heart that we really love and appreciate our country, we tried to sing the national anthem when we got together for holidays. Why don't you do that much at national events? However, singing the national anthem with family members may feel a little unfamiliar. However, we sang with love for the country and gratitude for the country, so I hope there is no misunderstanding about that.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Now that your father has passed away, are there any other family gatherings in the future or do you plan to continue doing that? Or are you thinking of changing it up a bit?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: The family should discuss it.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Also, after reading the article, my family told reporters that we had no problems and that we sang in unison.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Because I didn't force it.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Because I didn't force it. Okay. In Joo Young-jin's news briefing, we are continuing the interview with the presidential candidates, and we are preparing a time to introduce these things to the viewers along with photos of how we lived in the past, up to the present. Let's take a look at the pictures and talk about it. I think I will understand if former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung explains.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Director of Audit and Inspection: That's probably the boat I took in Jinhae with my father and my brother when I was in kindergarten. This is a picture we took together in a military boat.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: About that time. The little boy in front is Choi Jae-hyung, the former Chief Auditor General.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes, the little one is me. That would have been around the early 60's. It must have been before that since I entered elementary school in 63.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: This is a really old photo. Your father also looks very young. Now, another young man, Jaehyung Choi. Where are you?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: The far left.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: The far left.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Then the youngest, the younger brother just below me, and our older brother on the far right.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: The brothers took a picture. Are you in college? I see you have long hair.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: I think that's probably the 4th year of college.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: There is a lot of friendship between the brothers.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: It was taken on the stairs of our house.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: It seems to be sleeping on the street somewhere.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: This was probably when I was in college or when I was attending a training institute, but as I remember, it was filmed while volunteering at a rural church in Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do in the summer.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Go to volunteer work.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: I think so.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: You seem very tired.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: When you see a hairstyle or something like that.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: This photo shows how happy you are on your face.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Maybe the day my wife first came to our house? before we got married It seems to be a photo from that time. Is that 1982? 82 years.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: A really happy expression.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: I am shy.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: The appearance of a slightly shy wife is also impressive. You must have heard a lot of handsome voices when you were young. I think you've heard a lot of people talking about a warm-hearted man these days, and it's a happy moment again.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: That is our second child. I am carrying my second daughter, probably around the time I was working in Chungju.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Chungju.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: This is a picture I took when I worked at Chungju Jiwon in 1991 and 1992.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Chungju is a very beautiful lakeside city with a dam and Lake Chungju.

▶ Jaehyeong Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes, when we were in Chungju, in fact, our whole family lived in the countryside together, so we had a lot of free time and had such a good time.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: As expected, happy photos keep coming out. I think that's a recent photo.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: No.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: When is the enemy?

▶ Jaehyung Choi / Former Auditor General: That child on the left is our youngest, and he is currently serving in the military, so it was 15 or 16 years ago. That's the scene where I applied camouflage cream before boarding the Marine Corps IBS boat when I went on a pilgrimage to Baengnyeong Island.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: You also went on a pilgrimage to Baengnyeongdo Island with your children back then. A picture of my father smiling broadly is coming out, and looking at that picture again, my heart will be moved a little.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: It’s like seeing your father. When my father passed away, I was very, very, very, very sad.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: In any case, unlike your ordinary father, your father is a person who fought the Korean War and the Korean War on the spot and is praised as a hero. Have you ever discussed or ever had any discussion about running for president, with your father?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: I consulted. Think carefully at first. It seems that our grown-ups were well aware of what it was like to be a politician through social experience. I was told to decide carefully, but while I was thinking about it myself, I said that I think I should quit the Auditor General and go into politics. So I asked again. "Aren't you worried?" Then he said, "I'm not worried." That's it. And the last thing you gave me upbringing was a few days before he died. "Do your best," he said. It had been reported in the media before, but the night before he died, we didn't know that he had written it. We went there on the day he died, and we saw it, and he wrote 'Light up Korea' on a piece of paper with the last pen.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Illuminate the Republic of Korea. I remember meeting reporters during the mourning and saying those words.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Did I leave anything to you at that time? I probably talked about it to the reporters.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Father passed away leaving behind a message of support for his son's challenge. After declaring the challenge, Jaehyung Choi, former Auditor General,Were there any moments where you regretted it a little? If so, then we sing the national anthem at home, or I just do what we can. And I thought it was right to do this, but now the media, other competitors, and other factions don't write or speak with a very critical eye? Were you hurt or not?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: It was a bit difficult for the unexpected reactions, but I do not regret it.


Well, it wasn't a wound, it was just some unexpected reactions, so I was a little embarrassed, but I learned a little through that that this is what politics is.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Since you said that, what I remember now is that I went up to my grandfather and that he was in a certain position during the Japanese colonial period, so wouldn’t it be friendly?

Another article about the pro-Japanese controversy comes out, so if you say the same logic, isn't it the same for President Moon Jae-in's family?

Even now, can you explain once again the logic you spoke of at that time, and in what context the former Chief Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung made such a statement?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: I think we talked about that in our public affairs office, but I think so.

When it comes to politics, it's natural to talk about the politician's own right or wrong.

However, if you make an attack on politicians based on what your ancestors did, or think that this is outdated politics that should not be done anymore, the so-called past actions of the ancestors of various figures in the opposing party in the People's Power Party and myself. Because I didn't say that they are not entitled to it.

But what did my grandfather and great-grandfather do in the past?

I don't even think that their actions are so-called pro-Japanese, but I think that this old-fashioned politics that criticizes and divides the country by putting a pro-Japanese frame on it should stop now.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I suddenly had a thought while listening to those words, but when I looked at the pictures from the past, I thought that some pictures would come out. Like a picture of a very close friend who carried a handicapped friend to school with him when he was young. And our adopted children. Adopted children also said in the article, 'I wish my father would talk more about me', but the pictures of those children did not come together, so that part is a little burdensome, how is it? So it's being articleized too.

▶ Jaehyeong Choi/Former Auditor General: In my opinion, if there are people in need around you, you should definitely help them. Also, adopting and doing so so that children who grow up without the protection of the family can grow up in the protection of the family. I took it for granted and lived like that, but now it's a bit of a burden to be talked about because it's a myth. That part is to the extent that I am just such a person as a politician, and it is burdensome for me to keep talking about it.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I think that friend is helping you again from the nearest place.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: You are helping me a lot.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. Judge life for over 30 years, Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection. In any case, I think that you have been playing the role of an adult in our society. But it and politics especially the presidential challenge. I think running for president is a very different story, on a different level. So, even if Choi Jae-hyung, a former Chief of the Board of Audit and Inspection, has faithfully performed his duties as a judge and chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection, becoming president requires the judgment and consent of the people.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Yes.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Then I think that there must be a basis for confidently saying that you can achieve the logic and argument that I need to change the regime that I mentioned earlier when I become president through Choi Jae-hyung. The rationale for saying that former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung would do well if he became president. We'll give you some time, so would you like to talk to the viewers?

▶ Jaehyeong Choi/Former Auditor General: First of all, through the trajectory of my life, I think the people will think, 'Oh, it would be great if I could show a person like that on the right path as a leader of the country'. After that, I think that the experiences I have had as a judge or as the chief of the Board of Audit and Inspection can serve as a good foundation for running state affairs. And more importantly than that, after I transform into a politician, if I try to impress the people with such a strong impression, 'Oh, I wish someone like that would lead the country,' it will be up to the people's judgment, and the people will decide. However, if I show a certain aspect as a leader who will lead this country, I think the people will choose me because I can do it.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Perhaps it is difficult for supporters of People’s Power to support both former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol and former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung at the same time. So, aren't these two people a bit of a substitute relationship? There were also analyzes of such political experts, but there are overlapping parts. Appointed by the current government, but also established an affair with the current government. They come from the same legal background, judges and prosecutors. Former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung has to compete with former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol anyway, and he is still slightly behind in opinion polls.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: That's right.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: How do you answer such a question?

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: Yoon Seok-yeol, former Prosecutor General, is now a candidate. Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon has always been like that as the candidate who has received the most support from the opposition, and I started a little late. But what I want to say is that I really love my country. I think the people will be able to choose by comparing these things, not loyalty to any organization, but love for the country, and a certain dignity as a leader that you see through your life.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. I think this will be the last question, but I met Lee Jun-seok and wrote an application for joining the People's Power through mobile together. I also think that he was trying to breathe with the younger generation, but didn't CEO Lee Jun-seok have an uncomfortable situation with former Governor Won Hee-ryong recently? And while releasing the transcript, they both slandered each other and the former governor Won Hee-ryong said he would not do any more today, so they went down for a while. I can't help it, but it seems like he is sparing his words to prevent the problem from escalating any further. Watching the situation, I wonder what our former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung thought.

▶ Jaehyeong Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: Considering the people who want a change of government and the aspirations within our party, it is really undesirable for the party to appear divided in the primary election process. It is not desirable to understand and show the official party's decisions for one's own benefit. That is why I think that showing a united image with the leader of the party really is the image of the party that responds to the people's aspirations for regime change.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. It was an interview with Choi Jae-hyung, former chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection. Also, it's always a bit of a waste of time. Interviews with presidential candidates are always a waste of time. Next time we visit, let's talk a little bit about the future. Next time, we will have some time to ask questions about what kind of policy will be implemented for the people.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection: I will stand in front of the people with good policies.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. I heard you well today.

▶ Jaehyung Choi/Former Auditor General: Thank you. 

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