We are one of the largest producers and consumers, worldwide, of canned mussels.

And it is that this bivalve, tasty and full of marine flavor, loses us, especially when it is in the company of a rich marinade at its right point of acidity.

In our series

Recipes against the heat

, Madrid chef Nino Redruello (Fismuler, Las Tortillas de Gabino, La Ancha and delivery Armando) teaches how to prepare this refreshing summer dish and succeed with a homemade marinade.

Tomato pickled mussels


(4 people). 500 g of mussels, 200 g of EVOO, 4 cloves of garlic (18 g), 4 shallots (110 g), 1 ripe vine tomato, 5 g of black peppercorns, 2 cloves, 2 bay leaves, 100 g of white wine vinegar and 100 g of apple cider vinegar, 200 g of white wine and 4 potato chips.


We can buy the mussels sous-vide and simply drain them. If we prefer them to be


, heat a pot with a good jet of oil, add the bivalves,

cover them for a minute until they open

. We remove

the shells and beards

(biso) and reserve them. We now start with

the pickle

. We leave the garlic with its skin and

cut it in the middle

, then peel and julienne the shallot. Heat the oil, brown the garlic and add the shallots, pepper, bay leaf and cloves. While they

take color

, we cut the tomato in two, by the belly and crosswise, we remove

the seeds and keep them


We add the two halves of the tomato to the pickle,

cook for five minutes

and remove them.

We add the vinegar, wait for

the alcohol to evaporate

, then add the wine and do the same;

we cook everything for 5 minutes


We crush the tomato that we had reserved, we strain it and we add it to the pickle.

Let it boil for 2 minutes and add salt,

rest for 20 minutes and add the mussels


For the pickle to do its job, we must prepare it

a day before


To serve, we put on a shallot chip potato, a mussel, a bunch of tomato seeds and

a little of the pickled broth


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