More than 100 million won in cash of an unknown source was found in a used kimchi refrigerator purchased online, drawing attention.

Recently, a report was received from the Jeju Western Police Station that 2,200 50,000 won bills were attached to a used kimchi refrigerator.

It is equivalent to 110 million won.

The complainant recently purchased this kimchi refrigerator from a used goods company in Seoul, and found a bundle of cash stuck to the outside floor while cleaning the refrigerator that was delivered on the day of the report.

It is said that 100 and 200 50,000 won bills were bundled together, wrapped in plastic, and taped.

Police are investigating second-hand goods companies, freighters and buyers, but the exact source of the money has not been confirmed.

First of all, this money is kept by the police.

According to the current Lost and Found Act, if the owner does not appear for 6 months, the reporter will have it.

Even if the owner shows up, the complainant can receive a compensation of 5-20%.

However, if it is found to be crime-related money, this money will belong to the state in accordance with the Act on the Regulation and Punishment of Concealment of Crime Proceeds.