A reader recently wrote to us to let go of the nonsense of referring to cars as SUV coupes.

Either SUV, so tall and sitting high.

Or a coupé, which is known to have a sloping roof and two doors.

The VW Taigo has four doors, a sloping roof, you sit in an elevated position.

And above all: VW calls it the SUV Coupé.

We can't really solve the dilemma, but we can point out that this kind of fresh and happy mixture has become a real trend.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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Volkswagen is now also involved, directly in the Polo class, which is not exactly blessed in terms of margin, which is certainly a risk from the point of view of business administrators. The 4.26 meter long car is a close relative of the T-Cross and is built in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Certain fire cannot be denied to him, of course he aims at a clientele with a more emotional side. Because it is a Volkswagen, practical properties are retained as best it is possible. LED matrix headlights shine brightly ahead, the trunk takes up 438 liters. A panorama roof lets in air and light.

Younger clientele will be happy about a Beats music system with 6 loudspeakers and 300 watts, in the cosmetics department the black roof, if desired, belongs. Two three-cylinder and one four-cylinder, all of which are gasoline-powered, are provided for the drive. Diesel is no longer available in the small class because of the high costs. The power levels are 95, 110 and 150 hp, each with a gratifying turbo. The smallest machine with 1 liter displacement has to get by with stingy 5 gears, the more powerful versions have six stages or the automatic 7-speed DSG on board. The Taigo always drives with front-wheel drive. Its launch is scheduled for November. The price list should start at 20,000 euros.