Two contract workers from a large Bordeaux vaccination center were arrested in early August and then indicted.

They are accused of having used the centre's computers to produce a dozen false vaccination certificates.

They will be judged in January for forgery and use of forgery. 

Two contractors from a Bordeaux vaccination center, accused of having issued a dozen false vaccination certificates, were indicted for trafficking in false certificates, we learned on Thursday.

The two contractors, arrested in early August, issued these documents from the computers of the vaccinodrome with the beneficiary's vital card.

They then handed over the precious sesame on the occasion of a meeting in the city center.

False certificates given in return for remuneration

It is the suspicious behavior of these two young women, aged 18 and 20, which alerted the attention of their colleagues, as the divisional commissioner Céline Plumages, head of the departmental security in Gironde, explained to Europe 1.

"The searches that were carried out at their home revealed certificates that she had issued in the name of third parties. One of the two people really benefited from remuneration against the delivery of certificates," she reveals.

"Regarding the second person, she did not receive compensation and said she wanted to help," says Céline Plumages.

"The recruitment of beneficiaries of these certificates was done by word of mouth."


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The beneficiaries of the trafficking also prosecuted

The two young women will be tried next January for forgery and forgery.

But the investigation does not end there.

The Bordeaux public prosecutor's office also intends to prosecute the beneficiaries of this trafficking for holding a false document.