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At a hospital in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, a man who blocked the nose and mouth of a patient in the same room was handed over to the prosecution.

The Incheon Ganghwa Police Station announced today (5th) that it had sent a man in his 70s, who is suspected of murder, with an opinion of indictment.

Person A is accused of killing Mr. B in his 40s, who was in the same room at 4:50 pm on the 29th of last month, at a mental hospital in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, by blocking the nose and mouth of Mr. B with a Taekwondo belt.

B was taken to the hospital for treatment, but died on the 31st of last month, two days after the crime.

Person A is known to have stated in the police investigation that "Mr B committed the crime by making a noise."

At the beginning of the incident, the police were dispatched after receiving a 112 report stating that 'a patient admitted to the hospital is not breathing', but after investigation, A was arrested on charges of attempted murder.

Police said, "The hospital has checked the violations, such as neglecting patient management and supervision, and requested an inspection from the Ministry of Health and Welfare."