A new YouTube subscription plan, called Premium Lite, has just been launched.

It's a paid version that offers ad-free content, like YouTube Premium, but at a lower price, reports



The latter amounts to 6.99 euros per month, against 11.99 euros for YouTube Premium in Europe.

Google has confirmed the information to the specialist site 

The Verge.

“In the Nordic countries (except Iceland) and the Benelux, we are testing a new offering that will give our users even more choice,” a Google spokesperson told

The Verge


Thus, the experiment is currently being carried out in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

YouTube Premium Lite is therefore not yet available in France and Google has not announced any arrival date.

YouTube 'Premium Lite' subscription offers ad-free viewing for less https://t.co/K3KhmOhp5d pic.twitter.com/pKHBD9EG5I

- The Verge (@verge) August 2, 2021

Some YouTube Premium features are inaccessible

The new offer is available on versions of the platform for the web, game consoles and connected televisions as well as on the application, under Android as under iOS.

This light version of YouTube Premium has, however, overlooked some of the features of the more expensive offer.

For example, it doesn't offer offline downloads or the ability to continue listening to audio from a YouTube video after switching to another app.

YouTube Music functions are also not accessible.

However, the configuration of YouTube Premium Lite is not completely stopped.

Google has indeed indicated that it is ready to make changes taking into account the feedback from the first users.


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