It is temporarily no longer possible to take out a trial subscription to Windows 365, a business service that allows the computer operating systems Windows 10 and 11 to run in the cloud, from Microsoft servers.

The tech giant speaks of high demand.

"Due to high demand, the capacity for Windows 365 trial subscriptions has been reached. Register to be notified when trial subscriptions resume," Microsoft writes.

However, users can still purchase the business service directly.

According to


, so many companies have signed up for a trial subscription that Microsoft no longer has enough servers available to support the subscriptions.

Windows 365 is described by Microsoft as a cloud PC, allowing you to stream apps and documents on any device.

This should, for example, offer a solution for employees who want to log in from their home computer to a computer at the office.

You can also log in to Windows 365 on phones, tablets and other devices.

Businesses that want to continue using Windows 365 after the trial period must purchase a subscription. They can choose from different versions.