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vaccination in Korea is accelerating again, there is confusion over the reservations for vaccinations for seniors aged 60-74 who have not yet been vaccinated. When there were complaints about the place of inoculation, we changed the guidelines and shortened the reservation period and vaccination period.

Reporter Park Soo-jin reports.


Pre-registration for the AstraZeneca vaccine for non-vaccinated people aged 60 to 74 started the day (2nd).

It was limited to those who had never made an appointment for vaccination, and only received it at public health centers.

As there were more applicants than the public health center's capacity to inoculate, complaints that reservations were not made poured in.

Then, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) changed the vaccination site from public health centers to hospitals and clinics, expanding to those who made reservations but canceled due to circumstances.

Even people who have already made a reservation can change to a hospital or clinic if they want, but they have to cancel the reservation and make it again.

[67-year-old subject for vaccination: I asked my daughter to make a reservation, but the elderly were very confused because they said that it could be done again at the local hospital or that the date had to be changed.] Reducing the

reservation period and vaccination period is also a problem. .

Reservations from the 31st were shortened to the 18th, and the inoculation from tomorrow to the 3rd of the next month was shortened to the 25th.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) explained that the period was changed in consideration of the circumstances of consigned medical institutions that require vaccinations for other age groups as well.

It is pointed out that frequent changes in the government's plans can increase confusion and distrust among the people who are about to get vaccinated.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: Jong-woo Kim, CG: Hyun-jung Jeong·Areum Lee)