A man who was recently sentenced to probation for assault and house trespassing is being investigated for the same crime again against the same victim.

The Songpa Police Station in Seoul is investigating a man A in his 40s on charges of assault and house trespassing the day before (2nd).

Arrested Mr. A visited a multi-family house in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where the victim lived, at around 8 pm on the 30th of last month, pretending to be a chicken delivery man and rang the house doorbell.

It was investigated that Mr. A, who was standing around the house, was handed chicken to the deliveryman who was going to the victim's house, saying, "It's a house I know, so I'll deliver it for you."

The next day, Mr. A, who was hiding around the victim's house, found the victim returning home and beat him, saying, "Why aren't you answering the phone?" and the police arrested the current criminal.

Afterwards, the court issued an arrest warrant for Mr.

Person A was handed over to trial on charges of trespassing and assaulting the same victim in the past and was sentenced to two years of probation in May.

He committed the offense again while on probation.

The police plan to send Mr. A to the prosecution soon.

(Photo = Yonhap News)