They say that he was born in the 1920s, in the Cordovan

Venta de Vargas

, a place of recreation and meeting of cantaores, dancers and bullfighters of the time, when his owner decided to

mitigate the heatwave

with a mixture of house wine and a siphon. . Over time, that summer red, already with soda, mutated into that national cocktail that in the 60s refreshed the

Swedes in the middle of the tourist boom

. Today, this simple drink is a classic of the summer and of Viva Madrid (Manuel Fernández y González, 7),

Diego Cabrera's



and one of the capital's most historic traditional venues.

According to the bartender, also the soul of the Salmon Guru cocktail temple, number 22 on

The World's 50 Best Bars list

, “here we serve all the traditional cocktails, including the tinto de verano.

There is a tendency to believe that everything old is bad, and I always say that, if it is well done, it is good.

We have wanted to

recover this combination for the city


Diego during the preparation of the cocktail, in 'Viva Madrid'.

Of course, being who he is, “people expect a little more



But let's not go crazy.

There is not much innovation in mixing wine with soda, you can change one or the other, although in the end it will always be wine with soda.

We have given it that point more, adding a few drops of Cynar to it;

others of vermouth, which in itself has a lot of botanicals, and the bitters, just a few taps, ”explains this

Argentine by birth and from Madrid for taste.

The result?

A summer red, "of quality, with a plus of complexity" and whose flavor aspires to recall that drink that young Diego tasted in Ibiza 20 years ago, shortly after arriving in Spain.

«An Asturian friend gave me

a very refreshing mix

: wine, soda and lots of ice.

How rich! ».

The final touch.



10 cl of young red wine, 2 cl of red vermouth, 1 cl of cynar, 2 strokes of orange bitters, lemon, peppermint and orange Schweppes.


We put the soda in a glass with ice and slowly serve the mixture of vermouth, cynar, wine and bitter strokes so that the drink is divided into two colors.

Finally, we decorate with mint.

Diego Cabrera and his tinto de verano.

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