Who invented the electric mosquito net, a summer staple?

According to some Western foreign media, the inventor of the electric mosquito net is known as 'Chao Yixin', who applied for a patent in the United States in 1995.

However, he is only the first person to file a patent for an electric mosquito net in the United States, and he is far from the first person in the world to patent an electric mosquito net.

On record, the inventor of the world's first electric mosquito net was a man named Xu Hongzhi, who applied for a patent in Taiwan in 1988.

So, what kind of person is Xu Hongzhi?

How much money did he make with electric mortgages?

We met the first person in Korea to develop electric mosquito nets for the first time in Korea at the 'Omokgyo Electronics Market' team at Subs News.

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