Google has decided to leave behind those phones that have

the oldest versions of Android

, something that sounds quite ugly, but that has some logic once you stop to think about the phones we are talking about.

As the company has recently published, mobiles with Android versions

lower than 3.0

will no longer have access to apps like Gmail, YouTube, Maps and many other Google apps that many use on a daily basis.

It should be remembered that Android is on its way to version 12, so

after more than ten years of support

, Google has decided to continue with the most modern versions that are used by most Android users.

Given the large number of active Android devices in the world (more than 3,000 million) and that the oldest versions are used in developing countries, it will be the latter who will suffer the most from the consequences of this decision.

"As part of our efforts to keep our users safe, Google will not allow logging into Android devices running

Android 2.3.7 or lower as of September 27, 2021,

" the company says.

If you log in to your device from that day on, your username and password will give an error when trying to enter applications such as

Gmail, YouTube or Google Maps

, among many others.

Although it is highly unlikely that you will continue to use a telephone with almost ten years old, largely because they barely last two years today;

You can

check the Android version

your phone uses as follows:

  • Access Android Device Settings (usually represented by a gear icon)

  • Within this section, look for the System or Phone Information section (the name may vary between companies)

  • And within this category, look for 'System update', where the Android version normally appears and, incidentally, if you can update it to a more recent one

If you are using a product with

Android 2.3.7 or lower

, you can continue using Google applications from your Internet browser, but its performance is not guaranteed and it is most likely that you will have to buy a new mobile soon.

Apart from the Google apps,

the rest of the applications installed on the mobile should continue to function normally


The 2.3.7 version of Android was called


, because until

Android 10

, Google gave the name of a sweet to each update of the operating system they made.

It was originally launched in 2010 on devices such as the first Samsung Galaxy S or Google's legendary Galaxy Nexus.

It would be replaced by

Android 4.0,


Ice Cream Sandwich

, since version 3.0 of Android, called


, was intended for tablets and not for mobile phones.

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