The long-awaited Tesla Model Y will be launched in the Netherlands this month.

Over the past six months, the car has become the most popular Tesla model in the United States.

Whether the Model Y can match the success of the Model 3 in our country remains to be seen.

First about the car itself.

The Model Y looks like a blown up Model 3. The numbers confirm that, because the car is longer, wider and higher.

Also things like the headlights and taillight units are the same.

Thanks to a heat pump developed in-house, the Model Y must use its power more efficiently than the Model 3.

Inside, Tesla mounts the same interior, although you benefit from a high entry and ditto seating position thanks to the body shape.

This provides the Model Y with a favorable starting position, because high cars such as SUVs and crossovers are popular with consumers.

The interior of the Model Y is the same as that of the Model 3

The interior of the Model Y is the same as that of the Model 3

Photo: Tesla

Lots of competition in this part of the market

The Model Y will first come as a four-wheel drive Long Range version, which has a specified driving range of 505 kilometers.

This puts the new Tesla in a nice niche in the market.

Based on its price (65,010 euros), the Model Y can not only be compared well with cars such as the Audi Q4 e-tron, Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Volvo XC40, but also with the more expensive variants of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the SKODA Enyaq iV and Volkswagen ID.4.

At sheer speed, the Tesla beats them all.

The Model Y also beats the aforementioned competitors in terms of charging speed.

And although the thickest ID.4 on paper gets a fraction further on a battery charge - 520 versus 505 kilometers - the Tesla is lighter and more economical, so that in practice you may actually get further than with the Volkswagen or at least the specified range easier. will approach.

In addition, not all competitors have four-wheel drive and there is less room for improvement.

There are already a number of important changes in the planning for the Model Y.

In terms of performance, the Model Y is in a good position to start

In terms of performance, the Model Y is in a good position to start

Photo: Tesla

Copies from Berlin more interesting

That's right.

The units that come to the Netherlands this month will be built in the Chinese Tesla factory in Shanghai.

As soon as the factory in Berlin is ready, a technically modified Model Y will roll off the production line.

On paper, it's best to wait for the modified copies to come here.

That could hinder the success of the car in the Netherlands in the short term.

The entire subcutaneous rear of the Model Y is already being pressed in one go.

In time, this should also be the case for the middle part and the front.

As a result, up to 370 fewer parts are needed and less screwing together.

In this way, a weight saving of 10 percent is achieved and the range can be increased by up to 14 percent.

It can also mean good news for the finish, a point where Tesla has already failed.

The battery pack becomes an integral part of the center piece.

Battery packs in regular electric cars should be seen as a large container on the bottom of the car.

This container contains a large holder for a large number of smaller containers, which in turn contain the battery cells.

This means a lot of packing material and a lot of extra weight.

Tesla simply wants to eliminate that large container and make that container part of the bottom itself.

The Model Y is more interesting under the skin than it looks from the outside

The Model Y is more interesting under the skin than it looks from the outside

Photo: YouTube/Tesla

Up to 54 percent greater range

Then the battery cells themselves. These will soon be the 4680 models. Thanks to the new design, the battery cell can store five times more energy, which ultimately accounts for 16 percent more range. In addition, the production process of battery cells has been overhauled in order to be able to produce the battery cells faster, more energy-efficiently and therefore cheaper. That immediately means that the price of the Model Y from Berlin may be lower. If you add up all the changes, the range increase on paper amounts to 54 percent.

This means that the Model Y may not have the most progressive appearance - after all, the design is already a bit older - but is all the more interesting under the skin.

"Tesla has already prepared the next blueprint for the construction of electric cars of the future," said Henk Meiborg, founder of mobility consultancy Emodz, in conversation with last year.

For those who can't wait for a first look, an older American model of the Model Y has been in the showroom at Tesla in Amsterdam-Zuidoost since last Saturday.


First driving test: Tesla Model Y

Model 3 had the empire alone, the Model Y didn't

When the Tesla Model 3 came to our country in 2019, the car had virtually no electric competitors.

In the Model Y segment, the cards have been shuffled differently.

In addition, many business drivers were able to achieve the possible tax advantage with the Model 3 two years ago.

Tesla then ensured that as many Model 3 copies as possible came this way, with the result that almost 30,000 units were registered in 2019.

Last year, when the tax benefit was less (which is gradually being phased out annually), the counter stopped at more than 8,300 copies.

With the Tesla Model Y, less tax benefits can be obtained in 2021.

Moreover, with a purchase price of 65,010 euros, the car is more expensive than a Model 3. However, the sales success of the electric Volvo XC40 and the SKODA Enyaq iV proves that you can also score with less tax advantage in that part of the market.

In addition, the lease rate will have to show how competitive the car is, not the purchase price.

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'Car will appeal to a select target group'

"The Model Y will probably not be such a hit as the Model 3, which could also be supplied with a purchase subsidy and low addition and is a lot more affordable. So the Model 3 came within reach for more people at the time," says Rico Luman , economist at the ING Economic Bureau.

"The combination with private lease is being used more and more, but the burden must also be bearable. I think the Model Y should mainly rely on business drivers, such as entrepreneurs."

"All in all, Model Y will certainly appeal to a target group, but due to the price segment I do not expect it to end up at the top of the lists of best-selling all-electric cars," Luman concludes.

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