The European Commission has launched a more extensive investigation into the acquisition of Kustomer by Facebook.

Brussels fears that the takeover could be bad for competition in the European market.

Facebook announced at the end of November that it had bought the American software company for about $1 billion (about 841 million euros).

The tech giant had requested permission for the acquisition from Austria, but that country asked the European Commission to review the situation.

The European Commission then announced an exploratory investigation into the acquisition in May.

The committee says it is concerned about the results of this initial investigation and therefore wants to take a closer look at the matter.

Brussels fears, among other things, that the takeover could be bad for competition.

The committee is also concerned that the takeover could have consequences for the online advertising market.

Facebook would gain even more power in that area.

Kustomer makes advanced customer service systems for companies for, among other things, handling questions, orders and returns.

In these systems, various contact options, for example via Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, are integrated into customer handling.