Controversy has arisen after a man was caught practicing golf at a domestic beach.

A man who takes off his shirt is practicing golf by throwing a golf ball towards the sea.

There were also vacationers who enjoyed surfing in a place not far away, so it was a situation where you could get hit with a golf ball.

The man doesn't seem to care at all.

He wasn't even wearing a mask.

This video was recently uploaded to an online community.

Controversy grew as a netizen presumed to be a man who hit a golf ball posted mocking comments.

He showed no reflection at all, leaving comments such as 'I have to go to the sea to pick up a ball', and 'I apologized to the fish and solved it well'.

The local government where the beach is located is strengthening patrols to crack down on it.

A similar thing happened at a beach in Goheung, Jeollanam-do last May.

Two men who threw golf balls into the sea were fined for violating the Natural Park Act.