North Korea's ruler Kim Jong-un has re-established the communications link to the south that had been cut off for a year, we read with some pleasure this week.

And some envy.

Flawless communism has a bit ahead of us because we are sitting in the ICE and the telephone conversation breaks down for the fourth time.

Hackers may be at work, from Russia or China, whoever can paralyze industrial plants will have no problems with our cell phone.

The fact that we are being followed electronically is also proven by the evening drive home in the car, where the DAB radio in the urban canyons of Frankfurt has no reception.

It cannot be due to technical inadequacies, after all, tomorrow the world will drive autonomously, i.e. digitally with a reliability guarantee.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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* * *

Our deep sympathy for a ban on short-haul flights also wavered on the trip.

The train was so full that people stood in the aisle.

There, of course, at a distance of 1.5 centimeters, after all, it's Covid times.

Of course, Lufthansa has also included the chaos in its program, shifting departure times by the dozen and sending Covid notices and explanations to be filled in every minute.

* * *

We don't let ourselves be put off and still fly on vacation. We simply said goodbye to our employees and wished them a good time. Unfortunately, that was totally uncool. VW boss Elon Diess shot a video for his people showing him foiling on an electric surfboard on the lake in front of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. He thanks them for their efforts, wishes them a breathless, happy holiday and praises the board developed by Audi as the latest piece of sports equipment. Well, bosses, you can learn something there. It goes without saying that Diess can go over water.