There has been a report that a female customer who used Kakao surrogate driving was stalked by a surrogate driver.

Although the informant informed the surrogate driving company of this fact, the driver continued to drive the surrogate for over three months.

Correspondent Choi Seon-gil reported.


Mr. A, an office worker, after dinner last March, called a Kakao T agent and went home.

The next morning, Mr. A received a call from an unknown number in his sleep.

[Mr A/Informant: I know you have a dog, this person.

The puppies are fine.

When I asked a certain man who he was, he was the deputy who drove yesterday.]

After that, the deputy driver called several times.

In addition, "Let's meet lonely 40-somethings", "I love you, customer."

They even blew up text bombs with the same content.

Mr. A, who was engulfed in fear, had to get out of the house where he lived alone.

[Mr A/Informant: I can't stay in that house because I'm really nervous. (At my sister's house) I lived this life by sleeping while commuting to work and only stopping by the house during the day to change clothes.]

Mr. A reported the surrogate driver to the police and informed Kakao Mobility, the operator, of this fact.

However, because the company did not take any action, the driver claims that he continued to drive the car for more than three months.

[Mr A/Informant: I have been receiving dispatches for a long time. I was in someone's driver's seat. People will call you without knowing... .]

Kakao Mobility said that if immediate action was taken, the article could identify the reporter and cause secondary damage, so the action was delayed.

In addition, the agent argued that the company could not be held responsible for the stalking damage as it was an independent business entity.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, video editing: Choi Eun-jin, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)