Check what the symbols on your clothing label stand for and defeat monsters with an augmented reality game from

The Witcher


These are the apps of the week.

Laundry Lens

When doing the laundry, you should of course put similar colors together in the machine and look for things that can handle the same temperature.

However, there is much more to consider.

For example, you can't just throw everything in the dryer and you can iron some garments, but only up to a maximum temperature.

Such information is summarized on each item of clothing with symbols.

But was the square with a circle the tumble dryer, or the triangle with a cross?

The Laundry Lens app lends you a hand.

You point the camera of your smartphone at the label, after which the app recognizes the symbols and lists them.

By tapping the button 'See Instructions', a short and concise explanation of the meaning of each icon is given in Dutch.

Instead of using the camera, you can also search for a symbol.

Both by scrolling through a list of icons and by using search terms.

Download Laundry Lens for iOS (free).

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher

has become an

integral part

of popular culture.

After a successful book series, three popular games and a great Netflix series were released about these supernatural monster hunters.

The latest addition is an augmented reality game for your smartphone.

In this game you take on the role of a Witcher and must use your sword, spells and magical potions to defeat all kinds of monsters in your environment.

These monsters are quite literally in your environment as you have to walk around to find them and they are placed into the world through your phone's camera.

Similar to

Pokémon GO

, but a lot scarier.

In addition to defeating large monsters, there are also missions to be fulfilled.

You must quickly solve the mystery of a missing horse.

Perhaps the animal's head is a little further down the street from you?

In addition, you will meet different characters, collect rewards for defeating monsters and make your own magical potions to make the battles easier.

Download The Witcher: Monster Slayer for Android or iOS (free).


Watch footage of The Witcher: Monster Slayer here


Mohi, from the Netherlands, calls itself a slow media app.

The idea is that you make recommendations for your followers around books, articles, movies, podcasts and more.

You also follow people whose tastes you trust to see their recommendations.

In this way, the app wants to offer order in the chaos of the countless streaming services and other media.

For when you don't want to rely on algorithms, but on the taste of people you trust.

By already attracting some well-known writers and business people, who share their recommendations via the app, Mohi expects to offer enough for new users immediately.

In addition, the makers hope that friends and family will follow each other.

Download Mohi for Android or iOS (free).

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