In connection with the death of a cleaning worker at Seoul National University last month, the authorities found that cleaning workers were bullied at work.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced today (30th) in relation to the death of a dormitory cleaning worker at Seoul National University, "We decided that there was harassment in some workplaces and instructed Seoul National University to make improvements."

After the death of Mr. A on the 26th of last month, the Ministry of Labor began an investigation after allegations of workplace harassment were raised.

The current Labor Standards Act prohibits workplace harassment.

The Ministry of Labor determined that the fact that Seoul National University's dormitory safety management team leader B made a cleaning worker take a written test that was not related to work constituted workplace harassment.

The Ministry of Labor said, "A lot of the questions in the written test were not related to the cleaning work, and the actor (B) posted a presentation screen during the test stating that the test score was arbitrarily reflected in the work rating despite the absence of a work rating system "He said.

In the argument of Mr. B, that the test is for the knowledge necessary to respond to foreigners and parents, he pointed out, "It is difficult to see that the written test without prior education is appropriate as a means of education."

Taking into account the fact that Mr. B did not notify the written test in advance, the Ministry of Labor explained that having the cleaning workers take the written test and expressing his intention to reflect it in the work evaluation constitutes workplace harassment.

The Ministry of Labor also saw that Mr. B checked the clothes of the cleaning workers and made an evaluation as harassment in the workplace.

The Ministry of Labor said, "The actor requested the workers to attend the 2nd business meeting wearing clothes that fit the 'dress code' and the 3rd business meeting attire. did," he said.

He also pointed out, "The act of interfering with the clothes to attend a meeting and making an evaluation without any grounds such as the service regulations is an act of harassment at work."

While notifying Seoul National University of the results of the investigation, the Ministry of Labor instructed them to immediately improve workplace harassment issues, such as the written test for cleaning workers, and to come up with measures to prevent recurrence.

In addition, for Mr. B, Seoul National University took the 'necessary measures' and instructed all the school workers to receive special education on workplace bullying prevention.

The Ministry of Labor said, "If the improvement guidelines are not followed, we will take strict measures, including including Seoul National University as the subject of labor supervision."

(Photo = Yonhap News)