The first 20,000 copies of PlayDate, the handheld for games that can be played with a crank on the side, sold within 20 minutes,




PlayDate is made by Panic, which previously developed Mac software and released the game



For this year, Panic wanted to release twenty thousand PlayDates, but that number was sold within twenty minutes.

The PlayDate is not sold out yet, but copies ordered from now on will not be delivered until 2022.

It is not known how many there are, although Panic says there will be more.

"We adjust production based on demand."

A PlayDate costs $179 (about 150 euros).

There were some problems with ordering on Thursday evening during the sale.

For example, it was difficult for international customers to pay and for a while it was incorrectly stated that the PlayDate was sold out.

PlayDate is the first device to make Panic.

It has a small black and white screen, a four-point push button and two buttons.

Games can also be controlled with a crank on the side.

The first season of PlayDate consists of 24 games. Every week, two of those games will be installed on the device at no extra cost. Most of the titles have been announced, although it is not clear how each game will work. Many of the games will in any case be operated with the rotary handle. In

Crankin's Time Travel Adventure

, players use the crank to move forward and back in time.