Present on the menu of almost all restaurants in Madrid, it has been the fashionable dessert for a few years, if it even has an

International Day

(today, July 30).

With a liquid or consistent interior;

with soft or strong cheeses, even a mixture of them;

with jams and ice cream ... There

is something

for all tastes and styles,

classic, modern

and even


... But, in any case, how difficult it is to resist a good cheesecake, like the dozen that we show you here.



This restaurant and its brothers (La Maruca Velázquez and Castellana, La Bien Aparecida and La Primera) sign one of the

most acclaimed



the capital and a

great specialty

of the Cañadío Group dining rooms.

The recipe was born in Cañadío Santander, the first place that

Pacos Quiró


and which is now 40 years old


The secret of this iconic dessert that is

made daily

is, among other things, in the fresh cheese that is used and in the

control of the temperature

and the baking time.

If you want to try it, remember to order it before the service, because it flies.


Conde de Peñalver, 86. Tel .: 91 281 91 92.



Nino Redruello is the author of one of the most delicate and valued recipes in Madrid.

It all started in Fismuler (Familia La Ancha), an establishment in the Chamberí neighborhood of which he is the owner and chef.

After a long time of trial and error, they came up with the cake of their dreams.

The key to its success is to be found in the balanced

combination of three cheeses

, one fresh, one smoked idiazábal and the other blue, and the creamy, almost liquid aspect of the dessert.

The boom has been such that since last summer it has been sold -to order- in

Pastelerías Mallorca



: Sagasta, 29. Tel .: 91 827 75 81.



Market cuisine, seasonal produce ... and a cheese cake with a lot of personality are brought to

Saúl Sanz's

dining room


The one that gives it the


, of Asturian origin and with a mild smoke flavor and a slightly spicy



It is a consistent cake on the outside and

extra creamy on the inside

, which can be enjoyed both at the bar and in the restaurant room.


General Pardiñas, 34. Tel .: 915 41 07 17.

Black Coal.


The kings of this place in the Salamanca district are the


(fish, seafood, meat, vegetables and first-rate vegetables), the

fire and the embers

and, since it opened its doors in 2018, the cheese cake.

Unctuous, it is

a little runny in the center

, while its surface is toasted.

And, even if they don't reveal the recipe, here are some clues: they make it with good

French butter

and a cheese that gives it complexity and a honeyed touch.


Jorge Juan, 37. Telf .: 91 088 58 60.



José Miguel Valdivieso and Rita García Fuster

are the souls of this bar-restaurant where the protagonists are

market cuisine


Grandma's recipes updated (come on, 3.0) and also author.

Dishes that start from tradition to stand alongside the contemporary, such as their

blue cheese


with salted toffee

, a game of sweet and savory.

The result is a proposal "creamy; strong ... not liquid; with a lot of blue cheese and salty toffee. Then, it has a little cream of cherries and



, acid contrasts that enhance the flavor", José Miguel




Alonso del Barco, 11. Tel. 91 139 68 63.



Tasty, rich and different


Those are adjectives that best describe the sweet proposal of this new restaurant located in

Arturo Soria


And, being a space of Asian cuisine (

Japanese and Cantonese

), it is not surprising that the

star ingredient

of its creamy cheesecake is

matcha tea


In addition, it has a mixture of three cheeses (

cream, mascarpone and parmesan

), eggs, butter, Maria cookies, sugar and vanilla essence and a pinch of salt.

We already said it at the beginning, different.


Torrecilla del Puerto, 5. Tel .: 91 388 33 87.

Poncelet Cheese Bar.


In this house they sign the cheese cake that has just won the

I Contest for the Best Cheese Cake

of Madrid, organized by the Association of Pastry Cooks (Acyre) of Madrid. Its author is Carlos Sierra, chef at Poncelet Cheese Bar, who has used

two goat cheeses

, one fresh and the other blue. And what is the recipe for this dessert that, in addition to being awarded, is the star of this dining room in the Chamberí neighborhood? The mixture of both cheeses (one from

Vega de San Martín

and the other

Harbourne Blue

), fresh free-range eggs from Madrid, cream, sugar, goat butter, a biscuit base, pistachio crumble and, to accompany, a

violet caramel

ice cream


You can also eat and buy at the Poncelet Store (Argensola, 27).


José Abascal, 61. Tel .: 91 3 99 25 50.

The good life.


From their cozy dining room in the Salesas neighborhood

, Carlos Torres and Elisa Rodríguez

have been writing and reciting for more than 20 years an

ode to the

highest quality product -which they pamper like a baby- and to traditional cuisine. And it is that here they turn the simple into the sublime and vice versa. Something like this happens with the cheese cake, which they have been with them

since they opened this house

and which for many is the best in Madrid. "We started doing it before there was this fever. Faced with so much boom, sometime we have thought about removing it from the menu, but we can't. There it continues with

us and with our clients,

" explains Elisa. How do they make it? It has a


type biscuit base

, cream cheese and butter, cream cheese, eggs and sugar and baked.


Conde de Xiquena, 8. Tel .: 91 531 31 49.

Commercial Coffee.


The gastronomic offer of this centennial establishment, a meeting point for several generations, has been revitalized by the hand of

Pepe Roch


Here the recipes -updated- with a

traditional and traditional

flavor triumph


And already a whole tradition of the capital's restoration is our iconic cheese cake, which can be enjoyed both at the


in the

dining room

or on the



The chef opts for a

baked toasted


with a creamy interior, which is accompanied by

red fruits and


biscuit ice cream



Glorieta de Bilbao, 7. Tel .: 91 088 25 25.

Lobito de Mar.


The Madrid chiringuito of the restless Andalusian chef Dani García falls into the temptation of cheese.

The one currently served in this house - which shows the most popular dishes of traditional Andalusian cuisine that marked the

childhood of the Marbella chef

- has a classic and traditional appearance, but it is a

versioned and evolved cake


Thus, instead of payoyo de Ronda, an ingredient in the original recipe, it has fresh cheese.

"We wanted to review it to get a

juicier texture

," says García.


Jorge Juan, 10. Tel .: 91 088 94 40.




Julio Miralles

, executive chef of the Tatel Group restaurants - led by Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol, Cristiano Ronaldo and Enrique Iglesias - is not spared the influence of the cheesecake.

The one signed by the Madrid chef at the Madrid headquarters has a base of biscuit,

Burgos cheese

and cream.

The result is a dessert where textures are part of the gastronomic game:

almost liquid on the inside and forceful on the cover


The final touch is a homemade milk ice cream.


Paseo de la Castellana, 36. Tel .: 91 172 18 41.



In the most personal project of

Rafa Zafra and Anna Gotanegra

- where both express their passion for raw materials, especially the marine that arrives here from the Catalan, Galician and Andalusian coasts - there is also room for a


It is one of their

most popular


, made with a

base of wheat and almond flour

and a cream cheese filling flavored with lemon, lime and orange zest.

It is presented at the table accompanied by a homemade strawberry jam served separately.


Marqués de Cubas, 18. Tel .: 91 429 20 52.

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