• Less fashionable than a few years ago, selfie sticks still have some great outings ahead of them this summer.

  • The GripTight Pro Telepod from the Joby brand offers new features for smartphones and action cameras.

  • Sold for 80 euros, the well-designed and robust accessory now calls for everyone's creativity.

Selfie sticks had their heyday in 2015, before being labeled


, useless, even dangerous following fatal shots, due to the lack of caution of their user.

With his GripTight Pro Telepod, props maker Joby is trying to breathe new life into them. 

20 Minutes

tested it before taking it on vacation.

Up to 50 cm high

After its Gorilla Pods, articulated hooks for smartphones and cameras that can be of great service by attaching themselves almost anywhere and on any support, Joby launches its GripTight Pro Telepod, a versatile accessory that can easily find its place in a suitcase before going on vacation.

If it lacks a small storage bag, the object is not bulky and measures 5.51 x 4.63 x 20.8 cm for 244 grams.

It takes the form of a telescopic tripod from which three sliding elements can be extracted, thus forming a support up to 50 centimeters in height.

This is its primary vocation.

Actioncams in action

In its lower part, its three articulated feet unfold according to two formulas: the first to use the Telepod with light equipment (smartphone or action camera);

the second with an enlarged development (diameter up to 36 cm) offering better support and more stability for cameras up to 1 kg.

We appreciate the internal mechanics: the Telepod can be handled with great ease, unfolds and folds up in a few seconds.

Thus used, it is very practical placed on a table or a wall to film yourself or film with necessarily perfect stabilization.

Its screw thread and its universal support easily accommodate a smartphone, a camera or a camera.

To top it off, Joby came up with the idea of ​​pairing his Telepod with a Bluetooth remote control.

Operating on a button battery (supplied), it is fixed by a simple interlocking on one of the three branches of the Telepod foot and serves as a trigger.

Removable, you can keep it in your hand to start a shooting (photo or video) from a smartphone.

Or leave it attached to the foot and keep it under your thumb for taking selfies.

This is his second vocation.

Selfies or stories at large

We can obviously mock tourists avid self-portraits planted in exotic settings.

Who has never done it?

That the Telepod also offers this possibility is an additional argument.

At the time of TikTok and stories on Instagram or Snapchat, it has all its legitimacy.

Especially since the equipment fulfills this mission rather well.

In addition to its hooks for all action cameras, the tripod transformed into a selfie stick or a vlogging pole accepts all smartphones on a dedicated support.

Secure, with its claw which perfectly encloses mobile devices and prevents them from slipping, this support allows you to take a picture or film yourself vertically or horizontally.

It also has a grip for a flash and even, in its base, a double screw thread to associate microphones.

At arm's length, the Telepod can offer a distance of up to 79 cm, which allows, as we have seen, to immortalize wide views, alone or with others, while blending into the landscape.

And the grip of its lower part, transformed into a


, is excellent, even with a wet hand.

Sold for 80 euros, the GripTight Pro Telepod from Joby is undoubtedly a good accessory.

Well designed, practical, versatile, robust, allowing not only to bring back holiday selfies, to post impressive stories, but also to develop your creativity by vlogging, it has many arguments to join a camera bag or a backpack !


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