The Yongsan Police Station in Seoul announced today (29th) that they had arrested a 30-year-old teacher, A, who installed a camera in a high school dormitory and bathroom to take pictures illegally.

According to the police, Mr. A was charged with making videos by installing cameras in the female dormitory and female staff restrooms at the two schools where he worked (production of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents under the Juvenile Sexual Protection Act, shooting using cameras, etc. under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act). Arrested.

As a result of the police raiding Mr. A's home and digital forensics of his cell phone and PC, 669 cases of illegal filming took place, and 116 victims were identified.

It is reported that A did not distribute illegally filmed footage.

The school where Mr. A was previously employed found a camera in the bathroom in April and reported it to the police, and the police have identified Mr. A as a suspect and booked him without detention and proceeded with the investigation.

The police plan to send Mr. A to the prosecution within the next week.