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A 20-year-old fitness trainer who fell into the water by a co-worker who was playing in the water with him, could not get out and drowned.

According to the police on the 28th, at around 10:20 am on the 24th at the water play facility in Hapcheonho, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongnam, a representative of a health club in Daegu, Mr. A in his 30s, pushed Mr. B and Mr. C in their 20s, who were trainers, into the water.

Mr. C swam on his own and came to the shore, but Mr. B struggled for a while and sank to the bottom of the water.

Upon hearing the news, the water playground staff jumped into the lake, but could not find Mr. B due to blurred vision. B was eventually found dead about an hour later by the fire department who responded to the report.

It was confirmed that Mr. A had come to play in the water with Mr. B and 7 co-workers. Person A said to the police, "I pushed him into the water as a joke, and I knew that Mr. B was also struggling with a joke, pretending he couldn't swim."

The police announced that they had arrested A without detention on charges of negligent manslaughter, and that they were investigating whether or not safety rules were followed by those involved in the facility.

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