Today (29th), the number of new COVID-19 cases is expected to be around 1,600. As the number of confirmed cases did not decrease despite the strengthening of the distance, and even yesterday set the record for the highest number again, the government decided to consider introducing stronger quarantine measures.

By Kim Yong-tae, staff reporter.

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4th stage of social distancing in the metropolitan area, which started on the 12th, has already entered the third week.

However, group infections are increasing one after another, regardless of regions and places, such as restaurants in Mapo-gu, Seoul, gyms and language schools in Yangju, Gyeonggi, and public baths in Dongnae-gu, Busan.

It is the first time that the number of confirmed cases in Korea, excluding inflows from abroad, exceeded 1,800, the first time that there were more than 1,200 patients in the metropolitan area, and the first time that more than 600 cases occurred in non-metropolitan areas since the fourth epidemic.

[Bohyun Choi / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: Because there are a lot of patients, it is very dull, and the stories of those patients are saying that they are active without any symptoms.]

Although I am writing the most weekly record, last week's weekly movement was 1% compared to a week ago in the metropolitan area. , and non-metropolitan areas increased by 0.7%.

The government analyzed that there was a lot of fatigue due to the prolonged distance and that the amount of travel did not decrease because it was the holiday season.

He also hinted that stronger measures could be taken if the downward trend does not reverse by next week.

[Sonyoungrae / Central accidents probation office social strategy Gris: (we'll evaluate) whether that is to spread further in the meeting centered infection, or whether you do not adequately control the multi-use facilities, such as a facility-based path are infected are spreading -

Government Although they understand the people's grievances, they emphasized that it is not possible to reorganize the quarantine system in a way that coexists with the corona virus like in the UK.