Nikkei Asia is the first to report adopting the latest chip technology of TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company by Apple and Intel. This chip technology will be deployed next year by the company. Taiwanese companies have always been essential technology partners for the American Tech Giants like Apple, Intel, etc. This next-generation chip technology by Taiwan is a critical consideration in the US Companies, even when Washington is trying hard to bring the semiconductor to their land.

TSMC’s New Chip Technology: An Insight

Apple and Intel are ready to test their chip designs with Taiwan’s 3nm production technology or the 3-nanometer process. Many reports are already surfacing regarding the production technology, but the commercial output of these chips will start coming up in the 2nd half of the next year onboard. The 3 nm process is next to the die-shrink technology after the already existent 5 nm MOSFET Technology Node. The commercial production will take place in 2022. But, the companies like Samsung have delayed it to 2024 due to yield issues, and Intel will go ahead with it by 2025.

The Nanometer in this chip production technology we are referring to here is the width between the transistors used on the chips. When the number of nanometers is smaller, the chip used will be more advanced. However, these chips are challenging and expensive to build too. The most advanced chip used right now is the 5 nm technology also produced by TSMC for the iPhone 12 model by Apple. 

But, the introduction of 3nm will enhance the speed and computing performance from 10% to 15% compared to 5 nm. Even this 3 nm technology will reduce the power consumption by 25% to almost 30%. It shows that the users can use their mobile devices seamlessly, increasing their gaming power. The players will be able to bet quickly on the sports they want while on the go. You can choose the reputed bookmakers sites like, which provides access to many sports games and Olympic Games tournaments.

Chip Designs In Testing Phase

Intel and Apple have already started testing their chip designs over TSMC's 3-Nanometer fabrication process. As Nanometer is one of the smallest measurements and is billionth of a meter, the production houses can cram more transistors onto the chip. Therefore, the chips produced will be more energy-efficient and powerful. 

“iPad from Apple that will be rolled out shortly will have this 3-nm technology and will be the first-ever device to use this process. However, the company’s sources stated that the iPhones that are set to be rolled out next year would use the 4-nm technology for the scheduling reasons”. TSMC is already into much powerful technology outsourcing and integration like powering 5G and the next-generation IoT and AI technologies.

On the other hand, Intel is working on its data center servers and notebooks to use this technology in them. It is also stated that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC will manufacture more 3-nm chips for Intel as compared to Apple. It is seen that Intel, in the past, has also connected with TSMC to produce a plethora of connectivity, communications, chipset, and graphics hardware. Even their latest generation dedicated GPUs are also made by TSMC. 

The best part of the collaboration between TSMC, Apple, and Intel is that ‘Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’ is an experienced and largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world that has made a big name in this core industry.