As the 'fourth pandemic' of Corona 19 in Korea continued, the number of new confirmed cases today (27th) was in the mid-1,300 range.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 today, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 1,365, bringing the total to 195,531.

It recorded 1,300 people for the second day, an increase of 47 from yesterday (1,318 people).

The number of confirmed cases on Monday (announced as of 00:00 on Tuesday), which reflects the effect of the decrease in the number of tests on holidays, again broke the record for the most in a week.

On Monday of last week (as of 00:00 on the 20th of the announcement date), there were 1,278 people, 87 more than that.

If you look at the weekly trend of outbreaks so far, the number of confirmed cases has decreased somewhat as the effects of weekends and holidays continued into the early part of the week, but since the beginning of the 4th pandemic, the spread has been so strong that more than 1,000 confirmed cases are pouring out every day.

The number of confirmed cases per day has been in the four digits for three weeks since the 7th (1,212 people).

The route of infection of the new confirmed cases is 1,276 local cases and 89 cases imported from abroad.

If you look at the recent trend of patient outbreaks, group infections are spreading in non-metropolitan areas as well as in the metropolitan area, spreading as a nationwide pandemic.

If we look at the new confirmed cases in the last week (7.21~27), ​​1,781 → 1,842 → 1,630 → 1,629 → 1,487 → 1,318 → 1,365 by day. It showed up and down between 1,300 and 1,800 people.