The verdict revealed that an 8-year-old elementary school girl, who died of general weakness, suffered terrible abuse from her mother and stepfather for three years before she died.

In the name of discipline, a couple in their twenties assaulted and harshly treated their young daughter to the extent that it was difficult.

According to the Incheon District Court, 28-year-old woman A and her husband, 27-year-old B, who were recently sentenced to 30 years in prison in the first trial after being arrested on charges of murder and habitual child abuse under the Child Welfare Act, claimed that they had no intention to kill their daughter, but were murdered. He was sentenced to a severe sentence, saying that his intentions were fully recognized.

The verdict contained specific facts of abuse, but he was corporal punishment and assaulted for making a urination mistake, and made him eat the feces in the toilet.

They even had them suck their urine through a straw and filmed it with their cell phone.

He did not hesitate to repeat the harsh act of keeping his daughter's panties covered with feces in her mouth for an hour.

At the time of her death on March 2 this year, her 8-year-old daughter had bruises all over her body, including her face, arms, and legs. She was 110 cm tall and weighed 13 kg, half the average of her peers.

(Photo = Yonhap News)