"Undocking of Progress with Pierce has now been shifted to Monday morning," RIA Novosti quotes a fragment of the talks, which are broadcast on the NASA website.

Earlier it was reported that the place of the Pirs module will be taken by the new multipurpose laboratory module Nauka, which was launched into orbit.

On July 21, the Proton-M launch vehicle with the Nauka module was launched from Baikonur, which will be delivered to the International Space Station.

Its docking with the ISS is scheduled for July 29.

After the Nauka module is put into operation, the Russian segment of the ISS will receive additional volumes for the arrangement of workplaces and storage of cargo, placement of equipment for the regeneration of water and oxygen.

The astronauts will also receive a second toilet, a cabin for a third crew member and the European ERA manipulator, which will allow them to perform some work without going into outer space.