Google parent company Alphabet founded Intrinsic, a company that develops software to make industrial robots cheaper, more usable and easier to use.

Intrinsic stems from X, the experimental branch of Alphabet.

Intrinsic director Wendy Tan-White writes in a blog post that little has changed in recent years in the process of teaching robots how to work.

"That inhibits the potential of robots to deploy them at more companies."

Tan-White reports that specialized programmers spend hundreds of hours developing robots for specific tasks, such as welding or gluing an electronics housing.

"But many tasks, such as plugging in plugs or moving cords, remain unfeasible for robots because they don't have the right software or sensors to understand the physical environment."

Intrinsic should help with that.

So far, the company has mainly tested software that revolves around recognition, deep learning, simulation and force checking.

Various projects have arisen from Alphabet's X division over the past ten years. For example, delivery drones and internet balloons were developed. Many projects were also cancelled. One of the most successful projects that emerged from X was Waymo, Alphabet's company that makes self-driving cars.