RIA Novosti reports.

“We now have a new technological development - a small-sized retroreflector system of the“ pyramid ”class, consisting of four corner reflectors.

The system turned out to be very light - 40 grams.

We will offer Roskosmos to equip the stages of carrier rockets, upper stages and spacecraft with it, ”Pasynkov said.

According to the general designer of the enterprise, equipping Roskosmos vehicles with a new system will help to more accurately determine the moment of their departure from orbit and predict with high accuracy where they will land.

Pasynkov noted that this will help prevent various man-made disasters.

According to Roskosmos, the Pirs module of the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) is planned to be flooded in the Pacific Ocean.

"Pirs" consists of a sealed body and installed equipment, service systems and structural elements that provide spacewalks.

The Houston flight control center previously announced the postponement of the undocking of the module to July 26.