Apple has summoned the maker of iDOS 2 to adjust a functionality, otherwise the app will be removed from the App Store.

That writes developer Chaoji Li, who does not intend to make the required adjustments.

The app is a DOS emulator, which allows playing games for the old computer system on an iPhone or iPad, such as the first



Although iDOS 2 has been in the App Store since 2014, Apple objected to the most recent update.

According to the company, the app does not follow the App Store rules, which state that apps are not allowed to install or launch executable code.

That happened in iOS 2, because old games had to be imported via iTunes.

Apple gave the developer two weeks to remove the functionality.

If not, the app cannot remain in the App Store.

Chaoji Li writes that he will not make those changes.

"It would be a betrayal to all users who have purchased this app specifically for these features. Existing users should still be able to download the app from their purchase history. If they ever can't, it's not my fault."

Sometime in the coming weeks, the app, which costs 5.49 euros, will disappear from the App Store.

When that will happen is not exactly known.