It looks like Jeff Bezos and Dutchman Oliver Daemen won't get an official astronaut badge for their commercial spaceflight with Blue Origin.

The US aviation authority FAA changed the rules on the day of the trip,




Space company Blue Origin made its first commercial space flight on Tuesday.

The rocket carrying Bezos, Daemen and two others rose to a height of 107 kilometers above the earth before landing safely again.

To get an astronaut badge for such a flight, there were two requirements in commercial aviation until Tuesday: undergo sufficient flight training and be above 80.5 kilometers.

Blue Origin's space flight should have been enough for such a pin.

However, the FAA amended the rules of its so-called Commercial Astronaut Wing Program that same day.

Astronauts are now required to engage in "activities essential to public safety or contribute to the safety of human journeys to space" during a commercial flight.

Blue Origin's four astronauts are not complying with this new rule,




They were in a capsule, but did not perform any further actions.

Earlier, the four Blue Origin astronauts already received an unofficial astronaut pin from the company itself.

Official astronaut badges have been issued by the aviation authority since the 1960s.

To get a copy, companies must nominate astronauts.

"There are no nominations to review at this time," an FAA spokesman said.