Refreshing, with just the right point of acidity and, above all, marine. This is how a


should be

, that dish where fish and shellfish shine, diced and marinated in ice, lime, chili, salt and red onion and, often, coriander and other herbs. A recipe that few knew 20 years ago and that today is common in the letters of almost

all of Madrid

. Its origin is located in Peru, although it is also claimed by Mexicans and has influences from Spanish pickling. The truth is that it is already

more universal than national

(who has not heard of tiger milk, often a faithful escort of this dish?) And if not, take a look at the



of the capital, where we find versions

classic, fusion, author and even hooligans



We start with the modern and creative Peruvian cuisine of

Miguel Valdiviezo in Tampu

(Prim, 13), where each dish has a reason and a

story to tell

. Something that is also

recounted by

the four ceviches that this restaurant offers right now, which, since 2016, is located in the Las Salesas neighborhood.



the secret history of the lobster and the truffle




cooked in sea water

with zarandajas, avocado and onion; served on its shell with the head sautéed and smoked in the wok and sliced ​​fresh seasonal truffle; all accompanied by some

false cassava truffles

battered with ground of Peruvian botija olives.

The pachamanquero

, inspired by a meat dish that is replaced here by

wok seafood with a touch of smoke

and fire;

It is accompanied by potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, corn, beans, huacatay and chili peppers and, at the end, it is mixed with a corvina ceviche.

The amazonico

, of corvina, prepared with tiger's milk made with charapita chili pepper and fresh turmeric (key cooking ingredients of the

Peruvian Amazon

) and accompanied by plantain patacón stuffed with avocado and green mango.

And the


: corvina, onion, coriander and lime juice with cancha, sweet potato and corn and tiger milk (prices: from 22 to 40 euros).

Piscomar by Jhosef Arias.

If something characterizes the restaurant of chef Jhosef Arias -

Piscomar by Jhosef Arias

(Carrera de San Francisco, 15) - it is its

unique offer

of ceviches (or cebiches, a spelling that the Peruvian chef prefers, because it derives from "encebollado, and the Peruvian cebiche it comes from the influence of the Spanish pickle ", explains Arias).

Thus, you can start with some oysters in oriental tiger milk with ají limo and continue with the three


of the house: the




Sabe Peru

(fish, tiger milk and yellow pepper);



(fish, squid, octopus, prawn and tiger's milk) or the


, with the same ingredients as the previous one to which coriander is added (prices: from 4 to 18.50 euros).

More proper names and more tradition.

El Inca

(Gravina, 23), the famous



in Chueca

that brought ceviches to Madrid long before they became


, is one of the essentials on any route featuring Peruvian cuisine, its lesser-known recipes and also this refreshing dish.

Here, they make their famous trio every day to share: corvina en leche de tigre;

of tuna in yellow chili sauce and mixed, with squid, prawn, mussel in hot pepper sauce (price: 28 euros).

El Caral.

He is barely a year old and

El Caral

(Tellez, 20) is already one of the leading Peruvians in the capital.

Ceviches have great weight in their proposal of traditional cuisine of the Andean country.

Up to 12 offer this dining room in the Pacific neighborhood.



(a tribute to the Peruvian Amazon, with fish marinated and cooked with lime juice and a

touch of turmeric

, accompanied by patacón, corn, avocado and purple onion) to

El Caral

(with fish and seafood marinated in lime juice and ají amarillo), through the

classics of sea bass or sea bass

and mixed (prices: from 10 to 24 euros).

Inti de Oro.

And from a new place to a classic in the capital,

Inti de Oro

(Ventura de la Vega, 12 / Edgar Neville, 17).

Eight proposals are currently on the letter.

Here is a trio as a sample: corvina in lime juice with a

touch of ají limo

, Peruvian spices and red onion, with corn, sweet potato and cacha;


creamy green seafood

bathed in tiger's milk, made with coriander, or the corvina with tiger's milk,

yellow chili pepper and kiwi,

with cancha land and crispy sweet potato (prices: from 10 to 17 euros).



, in addition to one of the most popular surnames in Peru, is the name of this restaurant in the Salamanca district (Orellana, 1). Its offer includes four proposals:


, with cubes of wild sea bass marinated with tiger milk;


, with corvina, chopped octopus and squid pork rinds marinated with tiger milk and yellow chili pepper;


, cockles, corvina, squid and prawns with rocoto tiger's milk, and


, which has corvina and battered tiger's milk and pieces of avocado (prices: from 22 to 24 euros). Also his little brother,


(Almirante, 20), bets on ceviche. Located in the Las Salesas neighborhood, this restaurant with

Nikkei cuisine

that fuses Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy proposes the classic corvina and the

Ponja de hamachi

(prices: 22 euros).



Barracuda MX

(Valenzuela, 7), the new Mexican house with a touch of the Pacific that

Roberto Ruiz

opened a few months ago just a step away from Retiro, the chilango opts for

short macerations

to add subtle touches of spice and acidity.

An example of this is the

green prawn ceviche

with roasted green tomatillo, a show of flavor that you can try if you are one of the lucky ones who has managed to get a table in this dining room for which everyone sighs.

And we do not leave the

MX universe


Cascabel Room

, the Mexican treat located in the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés (Serrano, 52), proposes one of scallops with jalapeño emulsion, avocado, red onion, radishes and tortilla chips (price: 16.20 euros).

Cascabel Room.

Although it is sometimes difficult to get a place in


, that place that Roberto Martínez Foronda opened four years ago in the Vallehermoso Market (Vallehermoso, 36), do not despair and join the waiting list, there is usually luck.




Peruvian-Asian cuisine


focuses on a seven-step menu, which now includes two ceviche options:

the house


, with

wok mussels

, and the

sea ​​bass with tiger milk


And, if you prefer to take it at home, a version of the sea bass ceviche with yellow pepper is also available at Triperito, the


(price: 15.50 euros).

Round, 14.

The cuisine of

Mario Céspedes

reflects the life experience of this Peruvian chef: he trained in Lima, did


in Spanish Michelin stars and fell in love with Asturias.

The result of all this are

Ronda 14

(General Oráa, 25), where he mixes the Peruvian, the Chifa and the Nikkei with the Asturian, and


(Don Ramón de la Cruz, 83), a commitment to Creole cuisine, in which Andean and Asturian are combined.

In the first, Céspedes proposes a



with tiger's milk, ají limo

and squid (price: 16.50 euros);

in the second, do not miss the

green with huacatay and mango

and the ceviche with hot pepper and avocado cream (prices: 15.90 euros).


More fusion. In


(Paseo de la Castellana, 115) and




los Arces, 11) Sergio and Roberto Hernández bet on the

Lima ceviche

, which they make with their own tiger milk with ginger, celery, garlic, purple onion, lime and fish stock. To

balance the acidity

, they are served with roasted sweet potato puree, fried cancha corn, fried plantain and creole, a julienne onion with salt, lime and coriander. In addition, they make the yellow chili paste themselves (prices: 16.95 euros).

The ceviche is also present in the Mexican

El Cartel de Mawey

(Blasco de Garay, 10), where they serve a


sea ​​bass

and seafood

, tiger milk with organic jalapeños and tomatillo (price: 9.80 euros).

The option of


(Jorge Juan, 27), the traditional-oceanic and more



of the Zoko Group

in the capital, is a ceviche of sea bass, octopus and cockles (price: 16 euros).

And not far from there, in


(Plaza de la Independencia, 4), a gastronomic and leisure reference in the capital for almost two decades, they sign up for the classic corvina al ají amarillo (price: 22 euros).




(Modesto Lafuente, 64), the brothers Julián and Luis Miguel Gil have a good hand to merge the gastronomies of Latin America and the easternmost part of Asia and, as a result of that union, proposals such as

Ceviche complete

with two chili peppers,

corvina, scallops and octopus

(price: 17.50 euros).

We closed with

Distrito Ceviche

, which opened a little more than a year ago and which now has three stores (Princesa, 79 and in the La Paz and Vallehermoso markets).

Your offer:




(with salmon,

crispy sweet potato strings

, corn, cancha, red onion, coriander and

passion fruit tiger milk



(tuna and salmon, cancha, sweet potato puree, wakame and nikkei tiger milk);


(octopus, prawns and squid with tiger's milk and yellow pepper) and


, to taste (price: from 14.90 euros).

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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