There was a report that the prospective occupants were living a wandering life without entering the newly built apartment for over three months.

Reporter Han So-hee reported on what happened, saying that hundreds of people were moving from room to rent without a promise when they were suddenly notified that they could not move in.


It is an apartment complex built with 300 households in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

It was completed last April, but there are no people coming and going.

The entrance to the parking lot is blocked, and the fountain is full of moss.

Prospective tenants, who should have moved in earlier, are living a wandering life, moving between rent rooms and relatives' houses.

[Mr. A/Prospective occupant: About 50 households are out like me right now.

Some people rent a room at their in-laws...

.] In some

cases, they left their original home with the expectation that their dream of owning a house would soon come true and then suddenly became a separated family.

[Mr. B/Prospective tenant: Me and my mom live in a one-room rent, my dad lives in a rooftop room with a monthly rent, and my brother lives in a friend’s house…

.] The

household that was left in the warehouse for a while has been accumulating only dust for three months.

[Mr A/Prospective occupant: It must have been everything, right?

No matter how much the refrigerator runs.

So if I had known it was going to be this long, I would have thrown it all away.]

This apartment was built by the residents who lived on the land, and the developer borrowed the construction cost using the apartment site as collateral.

The real estate company that took over the bonds after failing to repay the money for more than 4 years is blocking the move-in.

[Construction person in charge: Now, to be honest, we have been doing (construction) for 13 years, haven't we? It's already been negative for 13 years. I haven't paid 27 billion won for the construction cost yet.] The

prospective tenants urgently requested permission for temporary use from the ward office.

It is meant to solve the money problem in life, but the ward office is reluctant to discuss it between the developer, residents, and real estate companies first.

[Seodaemun-gu Office Manager: You cannot (approve) things that have not been organized. (Real estate companies) When it comes out like 'I will claim compensation from the ward office', I can't do anything about it.]] With

no clue of a solution, about 300 families are burning their hearts out with their homes in front of them.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: Tae-ho Yoon, VJ: Hyung-jin Kim)