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crime of illegal filming continues.

There is also a high level of anxiety that cameras can be hidden in any object in everyday life. Recently, an international human rights group published a report that analyzed intensively that Korea's illegal filming problem is more serious than any other country.

Reporter Ahn Seo-hyun looked closely at whether there was a way to prevent such a crime in advance, and even alternatives.


A 23-year-old college student who was on vacation had to spend a few days at a friend's house.

But when I went to the bathroom to take a shower, I saw a car key near the shower head.

[Mr. A / Victim of illegal filming: Huh?

Why is Chaki here?

I put it (in the closet) because I was afraid of water splashing.]

After taking a shower, I picked up the car key to put it back in place.

But it was not a car key, but a modified camera that looked like a car key.

[Mr. A / Victim of Illegal Filming: At that time, my hands were trembling, so scary, and I felt so betrayed.] The

perpetrator was Mr. A's friend's father.

[A seed / illegal shooting victim: Does strabismus Wife minutes away, did he lonely mad 'downed' once accidentally inde haejumyeon not gonna 'cause forgiveness want to continue thus spoken]

Now whether or not cases that Wherever I go secretly to take someone days, I tell you that I am afraid.

[Mr. A / Victim of illegal filming: The real world seems crazy. It doesn't make sense to have a car key-shaped hidden camera like this. Why do you need this? in this world... ]

"My Life Is Not Your Porn"

is the title of a report released last month by Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organization based in New York.

It is about the destruction of women's lives due to digital sex crimes, but it is a report that points out the problems of Korean society, not the whole world.

According to the contents, "Korea has the most serious sex crimes using illegal filming in the world," and "There is also a case of a woman's damage that was filmed and transmitted in real time through a table clock with a built-in camera There is also introduced.

The bigger problem is that various variants of cameras keep popping up.

I went to an electronics store in Seoul and found that not only the car keys I looked at earlier, but also watches, USBs, glasses,It is sold with a miniature camera in almost everything such as a tumbler.

[E-commerce merchant: USB shape (transformation camera) or something. It's okay to hide somewhere. If you put (camera) in your leather wallet, you drill a hole here and carry it with you. There are all kinds.]

Of course, illegal filming can be punished according to the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, but it is not an alternative to fundamentally preventing the sale and filming of hidden cameras in advance because they are punished after the crime occurs.

A bill to strengthen the proactive management of transforming cameras was proposed in March, but it is still in the National Assembly due to industry backlash.

[Bang Jeong-hyun / Attorney: I think it is necessary to thoroughly manage the parts that can be seen as such a modified camera that is not actually used in a normal way by anyone looking at it, through such (handling) history management or such things.]

Illegal shooting Korea has been stigmatized as a heaven for equipment. The world is watching to see what measures the government and the National Assembly will take.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, Video editing: Park Ki-duk, VJ: Kim Cho-a·Jeong Han-wook, Writer: Lee Ji-yul, CG: Hong Seong-yong, Choi Jae-young, Lee Jeong-jeong, Sung Jae-eun, Jeong Si-won)