On chat service Telegram, counterfeit vaccination certificates are traded.

The GGDs have made "several dozen declarations" against people who have bought such evidence and have come across the lamp, the GGD GHOR Nederland confirmed on Wednesday after reporting by



It concerns vaccination certificates to get a green tick in the CoronaCheck app.

You could still be registered as fully vaccinated without a shot.

It is also possible to purchase a "yellow booklet" with a note of the vaccination.


contacted one of the advertisers anonymously.

He claims to be able to arrange a vaccination registration via the systems of the GGD for a price of 250 euros.

With the registration it would then be possible to create a vaccination certificate in the CoronaCheck app.

Payment can be made via various crypto currencies.

According to the GGD, the sellers "actually delivered something that had to pass for a vaccination certificate".

The GGD does not want to say how the fraud was discovered.

It is not clear whether everyone who has bought a counterfeit vaccination certificate has also run into the lamp.

As far as is known, the sellers themselves have not yet been identified.